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Expect all the usual exclusive shred and gnar upfront as always in our extensive and inspiring gallery, insightful columns from Shinny and Hadlow, Baja travel, intermediate technique features, world tour and Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge news, the experience of a first time racer plus lots more!



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Here are some issue highlights to head straight towards: 

Issue 76 The Snap kitesurfing magazine kiteworld magazine kiteboarding

On page 66: Photographer John Bilderback’s journey through North Shore kiting culture brings him face-to-face with the future – resulting in encounters with unusual kite converts after Keahi de Aboitiz’s actions in surfing’s most hallowed hallway.


A feature focusing on the safety of travel in Egypt for kitesurfers
On page 90: As far as kite destinations go, Egypt is about as established as they come. Kiteboarders have been flocking to its Red Sea resorts since widespread kite-travel began, and for good reason. Places like Dahab, Hughurda, El Gouna, Ras Sudr and Sharm offer some outstanding kitesurfing with a diverse array of conditions to suit any standard of rider and with more expanses of flat water than you can shake a GoPro on a selfie-stick at.

The numbers of tourists visiting the Red Sea resorts have dropped up to 60% in the last few years. Matt Pearce balances the argument of whether travelers should feel confident in returning to what was one of the most popular destinations on the planet for improving kitesurfers just a few seasons ago


Billy Parker kitesurfing interview in Kiteworld Magazine

On page 074: Billy Parker runs on high performance gasoline that’s designed to bring out the best in your engine. At 34, he’s the muscle car of American kiteboarding and a regular in specialist elite events, such as the Red Bull King of the Air and the Triple S. Although usually the oldest competitor, he’s a lean, mean shredding machine and one of the most technically smooth and entertaining riders you’re likely to see hit the water. Billy has had plenty of opportunities to turn fully pro, but he’s a home boy and dedicated to being there for his family. We’re sure you’ll like him – he’s just like you; he works hard and he plays even harder. Jim Gaunt caught up with him the day after this year’s Red Bull King of the Air finals to find out what keeps him ticking over at such high revs… 


Kitesurfing equipment reviews in Kiteworld Magazine
On page 112: In our final freeride test we jump on the Flysurfer Boost, Gin Egoist, Ocean Rodeo Razor, Shinn Shinnster specialist strapless board and SP Boardings footstraps that come in eight different foot sizes! 


Sustainability in kitesurfing in Kiteworld magazine
On page 082: Global travel is readily accessible and reasonably affordable. Kitesurfing equipment is also easily transportable and you can walk out of your front door and be kitesurfing in the opposite hemisphere in less than 24 hours – just two reasons why kitesurfing is so great.

In the second part of this series, Matt Pearce investigates the options we have as kiteboarders to take on a more positive role in preserving the environment in spite of our immense global travel habits.


How Windguru started, how it works and more in Kiteworld magazine issue 76

On page 124: A trio of features exposing new and established designers along with their moments of inspiration and brainwaves, including the teams behind Ride Engine, Windguru and Vanhunks 



Issue 76 Technique kitesurfing magazine kiteworld magazine kiteboarding

On page 142: It can seem like a dark art, but now’s the time to master it. We have key points that are sure to have you popping like a pro, hooked-in and unhooked. 


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