Dice, FX and Envy 2016 Head-to-Head

North Dice, Liquid Force Envy, Cabrinha FX 2016 magazine kite tests

Dice, FX and Envy 2016 Head-to-Head in Kite Tests in issue #78. Get it here!

North Dice, Cabrinha FX and Liquid Force Envy kite tests in Kiteworld magazine issue 78

We put a heavy focus on reviewing all aspects of the high-performance all-round super-class of three strut kites, both in our annual intense test sessions in Cape Town and elsewhere. This class of kite has done so much to help aspiring riders take their performances to the next level across a broad spectrum of disciplines. But to have such an all-round weapon, where would you have to sacrifice performance, do you need to have more of a focus on freestyle, is there one that really can do it all and which one would suit you best? 

These were all questions we asked last year. 12 months on in what is arguably the most important class of kites in kiteboarding right now, where have these three improved and which one is right for you (believe it or not, they’re very different). Click here to get your hands on issue #78.

Read last year’s reviews to whet your appetite for this year’s reviews that are out now in Kiteworld issue #78: 

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Cabrinha FX kite test 2015

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North Dice 2015 kite test

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