Speedster Combo Foil

North’s production foil is here


North’s Speedster Combo Foil is out now. Offering freeriding foil performance, the Speedster comes with a short mast option for riding in shallower waters and it can be ridden with the Free Foil and Pro Foil boards.



Features of the Speedster Foil


  • Huge speed range suitable for riders of all levels 
  • Unique winglets for immense track stability and an improved turning radius
  • High lift and impressive resistance to stalling
  • Easy tacking and gybing
  • Unique and durable carbon compound wings and fuselage
  • Winglets improve not only the directional stability but also help the foil track smoothly though turns
  • The back wing wedge exerts less force helping beginners and early intermediate control the lift of the foil



Find out more about the Speedster at www.northkiteboarding.com




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