Slingshot Celero 5’8” Review

CELERO 5'8'' Surfboard Review


THE CELERO 5’8” From Slingshot

This test first appeared in KW #96 in November 2018


CELERO 5'8'' Surfboard Review


TEST NOTES: Matt Pearce

If you’re au-fait with the Slingshot range then you’ll remember the Celero as the Celeritas, which was part of the line-up for a while. The Celero replaces Slingshot’s most popular shape with a classic, traditional outline and a thruster fin set-up. Most people only have one directional and this board is geared up to be your go-to ride whatever the conditions.

Build-wise, you’ve got the same high-end construction as the Angry Swallow with the plug-in FCS Reactor 2 fins, plush, well-made deck pads, carbon stringers and strategically placed carbon on the tail for extra reinforcement.


CELERO 5'8'' Surfboard Review


The shape bears a few similarities with the Angry Swallow, although the tail continues round into a pintail rather than a cut-out swallow and at the other end features a full nose shape. There are also the same ‘winged-thumbs’ (those little ‘wings’ you see towards the tail of the board) just forward of the rear fin.

CELERO 5'8'' Surfboard Review

Those similarities aside, the Celero feels markedly different on the water, moving smoothly from rail-to-rail in a way that less experienced or lighter riders will appreciate.

High performance riders will totally shred on this board, but for the less experienced you also won’t feel like you need to be quite as emphatic with your movements to engage a turn. It’s also really snappy off the top, which is perhaps due in part to the winged-thumb on the rails, making the board more willing to release the tail. The Celero isn’t quite as tight turning in small waves because it’s longer than the Angry Swallow, but it has a controllable, manageable ride feel that you quickly tune into.

The added length also allows you to move more of your weight further off the fins, which makes it easier to break the tail out in a top turn, and that full nose is a big help when making the drop on steeper waves.

On the Angry Swallow you feel like stomping your back foot and throwing spray, but the Celero provides a more fluid sensation and naturally follows the arc of the turn really nicely. It then quickly snaps back into gear and, because the volume is a little more spread out, you feel like you can pump through slow sections a little more. The Celero lends itself well to a more surf-inspired riding style.

In the air, the Celero doesn’t stick to your feet quite like the Angry Swallow and is a little less manoeuvrable mid-flight due to the extra few inches, but still pops off the water well and carries speed nicely as you touch down. Build wise, it took all that my 93 kilo body weight could throw at it, felt good and sturdy underfoot and I reckon this construction would stand up to a lot of abuse.

While the Angry Swallow responds well to a more aggressive riding style, particularly in onshore conditions, and is also better for airs and strapless freestyle, the Celero would be an absolute beast on a big open face for proper surf-inspired wave riding. I would be happy heading out on this on bigger days. I think it would take a pretty meaty sized swell before most people will find themselves outgunned on it. The Celero also has inserts for foot straps.

CELERO 5'8'' Surfboard Review


Solid build quality once again from a board that offers up a more ‘all-rounder’ riding experience. If you like to alternate between surfing the wave and throwing powered turns then the Celero is more than up to the task and it looks the business, too.

KW LIKED: Awesome looks, solid build quality and genuine one-board-quiver potential.

KW WOULD CHANGE: Nothing really, this is a well made board that’ll do the job in a range of conditions.

SIZES: 5’11” x 20.25” (volume: 32.4L), 5’8” x 18.5” (volume: 26L), 5’6” x 18.5” (volume: 23.75L)



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