Reo V5


The Reo gets re-engineered for 2019


Ozone Reo V5


The Reo first entered the line-up six years ago and the fifth generation kite has just arrived. One of the top performance wave kites, the Reo’s always been about versatility in a range of conditions delivering fast handling and direct power delivery but with the ability to shut the power off in an instant when you need to.




For the fifth version of the Reo, Ozone have brought in new bridle settings that extend the kite’s operating range so that you can adjust the upper knot on the bridle for on or offshore conditions. These adjustments alter how far forward the kite sits in the window and the amount of bar pressure you’ll feel and the VBG pigtails deliver even further scope for tailoring the kite’s ride feel to suit your own riding style.




The wingtips and strut layout have been revised for improved strength and stability while reducing the overall weight of the kite and it also now comes with Ozone’s Contact  V4 control system which features one of the cleanest and most functional safety systems on the market. 




The lines also have built-in ‘Re-launch Balls’ which are strategically placed on the line so that you can pull them for a super-quick relaunch when you’ve put your kite down and the set of the day is about to plow into you!


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