Liquid Force Hippy Sticks 2018

The LFK Hippy Stick family is here!



Drawing on their Pacific Northwest location, the crew at LF were inspired by carver snowboards when they came up with the idea for the Hippy Stick boards. The idea is to directionally favour one foot to allow riders to really carve and rip turns in the water and the boards are a blast for all manner of freeride antics.

You can throw carving, surf-style turns on a board that costs half the price of a wave board and that’ll take the impact of heavy landings in its stride and they ride great in small mushy ocean waves and wind generated chop.


The Spacecraft has a more traditional twin tip inspired outline. Inspired by futuristic planing hull surfboards and chopped tip snowboards, it’s a surgical water instrument that’s slightly smaller than its larger big brother the Moon Patrol and the Space Craft gives a new dimension to your kiteboarding experience.  Sharing the same bottom configuration as the Moon Patrol for water flow and achieving the same benefits but in a more angular, smaller package for faster redirects and precise transitions. The Space Craft comes equipped with optional 5cm fins for more drive and projection though turns.



Reminiscent of your favorite fish shape surfboard or your backcountry powder stick, the Moon Patrol is all about free flowing turns and high speed cruising. A single tip to tail concave wood core directs water though the fins making for remarkably smooth ride and easy upwind progression.  Slash the chop or air straight over it, the Moon Patrol also comes with optional 5cm fins.


The Lunar Lander is the brainchild of long time team rider Jason Slezak and LF’s engineering wizard Peter Mehrhof. Longing for the same plush ride, edge control, and displacement of water on landings from the double concave of the Legacy, they drew inspiration from progressive powder slashing and slope carving snowboards of the frozen mountains to the liquid realm of the oceans, lakes and rivers. The double concave to progressive rail concave bottom shape, center line tapered carbon reinforcement, and full bottom sheet vector net carbon weave lamination provides a butter smooth ride, precise flex, and lightweight lively feel and the full nose, directional outline, asymmetric rocker, and deep “v” tail shape all wrap up this new addition to the LF Hippy Stick family.



Check the video below for a taste of the kind of freeride shenanigans you can get up to on these boards.




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