Ion Riot Curve harness review

ION Riot Curve Kiteworld review

Light weight, super comfortable and stealthy looking



ION Riot Curve Kiteworld review


Words: Jim Gaunt 

Unlike the other accessory products this issue that we’ve lived with for six months, I’ve only had two sessions on this new Riot, but it’s banging. 

Not only is it stunning and black – like Darth Vader black – it’s quite a piece of machinery in your hands. Light and compact, you can tell that it’s fully moulded as it’s so intricately shaped. I can put it around my waist and, thanks to the ‘Thermo Composite Curv’ material, it will sit there without being done up. But, importantly, it’s not hard and stiff. The ‘9’ in its name comes from ION’s Flex Index, which runs 1 – 20 in their hardshell harnesses and describes the rigidity: 1 being soft and flexible, 20 being hard and rigid. 


ION Riot Curve Kiteworld review


So the Riot is pretty much in the middle and in the three hours I’ve ridden it for, I’m genuinely impressed by the comfort. We thought hard shells were good a couple of years ago; they’re a different breed now. 

I’m quite small in the body, so the low profile fit of the Riot is perfect for me, with no pinching up into my ribs or pushing down onto my hips. I have the medium and have the internal flex belt Velcro fastened almost at its tightest, so as a 31 inch waist, I could go down to the small. 


C-Bar Kitesurf Hook


What I have really enjoyed in ION harnesses for the last couple of years, is the C-bar tension levers that allow you to get great leverage and tighten the spreader bar with a lever that pushes from your side, across the bar. It means you don’t need to loosen off your straps each time because the lever does all the tightening / loosening work for you. The straps for the spreader bar also feature little ridges that grip in the teeth of the cleats that they feed through, so there’s absolutely no slippage. 

I can’t talk to you about wear and tear because I’ve not had it long, but my last ION harness is still going really strong. 


Lightweight convenience, highly comfortable and unshakable support are all really impressive factors in this harness. It’s also available as a rope version for waves. 


Super easy to get on and use the lever to secure the harness at exactly the same tightness as your last session. 


After two sessions, nothing. It looks awesome.

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