ION Capsule Collection 2019

ION Capsule Collection 2019 Aaron Hadlow


High tech gear meets inspired design 


ION Capsule Collection 2019 Aaron Hadlow


ION has teamed up with artist Michael Cina to create the 2019 Capsule Collection – inspired by nature and the elements. The designs are influenced by the textures, colors, motions, light and shapes that nature allows us to see, feel and explore when out kiting.

The special pattern that features in the Capsule Collection is the result of Michael Cina’s experiments with self made paints and is designed using non-traditional materials.

The Capsule Collection represents how technical equipment can span the gap between off-the-water inspiration and epic on-the-water experiences. 

Here’s a few key pieces!


Collision Vest Select 

ION Capsule Collection Vest

Featuring a sophisticated material mix made for ambitious riders that want to push the limit – the Collision Vest Select FZ is built up with a unique panel design for seamless rib and spine protection. Slightly thinner padded sections, light foam and highly flexible materials provide a comfortable and snug fit and all ION Vests meet CE standards and pass the European Union’s rigorous PPD89/686/ EEC testing process.


Onyx Amp FZ / Strike Amp FZ


The Onyx Amp comes in a tight fit for maximum freedom of movement while the Strike Amp has a wider fit and additional features especially designed for kitesurfing. We tested out the Strike Amp in our KW 97 winter wetsuit test and it was ultra-warm!


Poncho Select

ION Capsule Collection Ponch0 2019

The Poncho Select is your own mobile changing room / beach towel made of quick-drying and super lightweight materials. Thanks to its small packing size, you‘ll always find some room in your bag to pack a poncho before heading to the spot!


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