Introducing the NEW Torque 2 Control System

Naish has reimagined how riders connect to their kite

Naish Says:

The all-new SnapLock quick-release puts safety and efficiency as the top priorities while adding click-in simplicity and modularity with different loop sizes. The Torque 2 bar takes the proven design of the original version and refines it with new grips and floaters, new PU-coated trim lines which feel smoother on your hands and reduce wear, a new slimmer one-piece trim cleat and a new stopper ball to limit release throw.


One-Click Reload

Effortlessly reload your quick release with one simple motion.

Instantaneous Loop Change

Swap between four different loop styles in an instant. Whether you are sharing kites with a friend, or want to change up your riding style, it is now easier than ever.

Release on Demand

An ergonomic design paired with an increased quick release throw keeps you clicked in securely and releases on demand.

Shortened System

We have brought everything within reach and enhanced your feeling of control by cutting over 3 cm off of the complete safety system.



Micro Loop

Leveraging the completely new loop attachment system, we’ve created the most compact loop on the market. The Micro Loop provides an incredibly locked-in and controlled experience, significantly reducing the distance between the rider and the trim cleat. The seamless transition between the kiter and the kite ensures the most direct kite connection available. Through countless iterations, we’ve developed a unique chicken finger to make attaching and detaching the loop effortless. If you’re not looking to unhook, this is undoubtedly the perfect loop for you.

Medium Loop

Playing off of the proven size of our previous QR, the Medium Loop offers a locked in feel while still allowing you to go unhooked at a moments notice.

Slider Loop

Built from incredibly strong and durable stainless steel, our carabiner-style Slider Loop provides the ideal low-friction attachment for rope slider harnesses. If you’re looking for the purest surf feeling or just loving riding toeside, this is the loop for you.



Dual Density EVA Grip with Memory Core

Double EVA over a memory-foam core for a comfortable non-slip grip

Flagging Line Stopper Ball

Limits the throw of the bar during release, to make reassembly easier

PU-Sheathed Trim Lines

Plastic tubes are smoother on your hands, and smoother on the bar


All-new floater design with an integrated flex section to reduce steering interference.

1-Piece Cleat

New thinner, lighter, more serviceable cleat assembly, with Velcro faces for the trim adjuster.

Adjustable Width

Plastic inserts allow 10mm total adjustment of width between lines


Click here to find out more about the Naish Torque 2 Control System

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