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Duotone Spirit Foils

Duotone’s revamped foil line-up touching down for summer

The Spirit Foil Range – now by Duotone


Duotone Spirit Foil


Tis the season to go foiling and Duotone have just released a full range of new foils which look banging! There are four separate foils within the ‘Spirit’ range – the Spirit, Freeride, Spirit Carve, Spirit Surf and Spirit GT – and between them they cater for everyone, from the rider making their early steps into foiling to aficionados who are venturing into the waves or those who have a need for ever greater top speeds! 


Check the product videos out below


The Spirit Carve is  a scaled down version of a pure surf foil wing. It’s designed to be easily controllable, for fluid carving, glide and seamless transitions. It’s stable and predictable for riders looking for a cross over between that kite and surf foil feeling!



The Spirit Surf is just as at home in waves or when being used for strapless freeriding. The low aspect ratio profile has plenty of lift and opens up a new realm of possibilities for slack line tricks and carves with no kite power.



The Spirit GT is all about going flat out with total control! If you have the need for speed, the GT is your speed demon! It’s designed to become more and more stable the faster you ride it, so you open the throttle and go hard.



The Spirit Freeride is an accessible all-round setup that’s ideal if you’re looking to quickly improve your foiling skills. It’s a multi-purpose setup with easy lift on which, after just a single power stroke from your kite, you’ll be up and cruising ever at lower speeds.




There are also three boards in the range. The Pace is an new all-round freeride foilboard, the Spirit is designed to help new foilers thanks to its low volume and another new addition to the line is the Hybrid, which has taken the popular Whip CSC surfboard and added a box so that it can be ridden with or without the foil. Product videos below.


The Free


The Pace


The Hybrid



Check em all out at www.duotonesports.com


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