Crazyfly Hyper 2019 Review

CrazyFly Hyper 2019 Review


CrazyFly Hyper 2019 Review

This test first appeared in KW #96 in November 2018


Huge Air CrazyFly Hyper 2019



What strikes you about the Hyper straight away when you put it overhead is how much lift it has. There’s enough depower to walk backwards up the beach, but with just a little sheeting at the bar there is also obvious power on tap. This was always going to be a fun test. The Hyper is meaty, but with a good sense of taste.

The first test was in super solid conditions; 26 – 30 knots. Perfect for testing the jumping credibilities of a kite that bears the slogan ‘Elevating Sensation’. We also had the Hyper out in challenging, lighter, directly onshore conditions of just 15 – 18 knots.

We’ve tested CrazyFly’s long serving three strut Sculp for many seasons. Similarly, the Hyper has that muscular personality and complete package. CF’s boards have always been exquisitely hand made and finished and, although the kites haven’t been in production as long, they also now come from CF’s own factory in Europe and are definitely above par. Distinctive in their characteristics, there’s much originality in design and features and throughout the set-up is very functional and well made throughout. There are nice touches to, like good quality covers over the one-pump system and Boston mid-size inflate valve (which grips your pump nozzle perfectly by the way). The Hyper is a five strut model, feels strong and great quality.

The CF bar is smooth rubber wrapped over a carbon frame, so it’s very light as well as being clean and simple in its look. The safety system is an ideal size to grip easily in your hands and deploys in an instant. Overall, really well made and amongst the top control systems on the market for functionality if not a total plush feel. There’s a bit of dangle of the trimming rope with lots of depower pulled through the cleat. The rope is a little thinner in comparison to some other cleat systems, but is beautifully smooth to use.

3D Render CrazyFly Hyper 2019 Review

Looking up at the Hyper in the sky, wider shape similarities to kites like the Rebel and the Core XR are apparent. Like those, and with much latent power available, the Hyper is surprisingly untiring in strong winds for medium sized riders and above.

The Hyper doesn’t need much moving around the sky. You can pretty much dip it and you’ll go with lots of smooth sheeting drive. In strong winds there’s plenty of depower on tap to be able to adjust power and your riding speed as you go along, making it easy to line up for a ramp and adjust your speed as you get closer. In the lighter onshore test, lots of people were on 10s and 12s and still not able to get far off the shoreline, but with the nine we were absolutely fine, blasting upwind and with plenty of lift for lofty jumps, showing a great range.

You don’t have to do too much with the Hyper to get a really good, comfortable jump with lots of lift and hangtime. The sweet spot for lift is really big, so you can just sweep the kite overhead, hit your take-off spot and sheet in. The jumps are always consistent and easy. Bully was going ridiculously high and far on this kite! If you’re looking for good jumps combined with good hangtime and a locked-in bar feel making the kite behave when overhead when you’re spinning, doing grabs or board-offs, then this is the kite for you. It makes all your boosts consistent. As you get more aggressive with it it’s really gratifying to pull in hard on the bar on take off and have that moment where you’re enjoying the lift but still know that you’re going to go higher. Everything happens at a really nice pace.

If you’re used to a kite that initiates a turn quickly and then drives in on itself the Hyper isn’t like that. Though you can still smash wave hacks on it and make shapes, you have to put a lot of input into the bar for faster turns and this is where the Hyper differs from the Rebel and XR, which are a bit more drivey, punch further into the window, but are a bit more sensitive.

The Hyper 9 behaves a bit more like a 10 or even an 11, which is great if you want to zoom back and forth and do lots of big jumps and transitions with hangtime for days. Adding in downloops on your way down from a big jump there’s an obvious extra lift… and lift while it’s turning. Some kites of this ilk tend to drop power as they’re spinning and turning. Not the Hyper. You need to pull harder than average if you’re looking for proper kite loops. Although it’s not naturally set up for for riding that, it will manage, but you need to be more forceful at the bar.

Approaching 30 knots of wind, we still had lots of depower on tap. Yes we were going faster in the gusts, but never in fear of losing an edge. The Hyper drives nicely forward but not so far forward that it rocks back and forth in strong, punchy winds. We always try to describe the ‘feelings’ we get from a kite compared to others. Sometimes it’s quite subtle, but with the Hyper the background noise, the base line or however you imagine in your mind that power feels when it’s delivered, isn’t snatchy or grabby, it’s just smooth. This is a kite that you can go out and jump with and really enjoy your time in the air without having to fight it. Easy, smooth and not scary because the big sweet spot gives you a sense of security in flight. The first time we saw this kite was in the hands of Posito Martinez at the GKA Air Games event in Tarifa. In marginal 20 knots he was going so much higher and with more hangtime for all his board-offs. We’re pleased the Hyper lived up to the hype we’d put on it!

3D Render CrazyFly Hyper 2019 Review

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What a gratifying kite the Hyper is for anyone looking to improve the consistency, height and hangtime in their jumps. The sweet spot for sweeping the kite overhead on take-off is huge, which adds a smoothness to your riding. Although it’s not overbearingly powerful, the great low end and manageable top end will make this kite a good option for riders over an average size and above.


The smooth delivery of power, superb low end and lots of lift isn’t unleashed very aggressively as on some big boosting kites. This makes it a very approachable kite for many who are looking to jump better.


Although it will loop, the Hyper isn’t naturally geared that way and takes effort. So if you’re looking for that big boosting and looping combination, the Hyper isn’t quite the one for you.


Build quality: 9

Full package: 8.5

Low end: 8.5

Top end: 7.5

Steering speed: 4

Turning circle: 7

Bar pressure: 6

Water relaunch: 8

Drift: 6.5

Boost: 8

Hang-time: 8.5

Unhooked: DT

Cross-over: 4

Ease-of-use: 8.5 (For freeride and jumping)


SIZES: 17, 15, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7m


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