Airush Surfboards 2018

Behind the design


Learn the ins and outs of the 2018 Airush Surfs range with Airush Brand Manager Clinton Filen.


The Amp 2



The AMP II was developed directly from Airush’s dedicated all-round surf shape, combining a flat rocker for high speed and control, with a higher curve outline to optimize the maneuverability.


The Comp



The Comp is Airush’s performance competition shape that blends speed with agility. Starting with the bottom curve, the Comp features a relatively at tail rocker for speed and acceleration with a medium/high nose rocker for larger surf and more top to bottom riding.


The Diamond



Working closely with key female riders, Airush have developed an all-round women’s specific shape to meet the demands of a more diverse range of conditions. With reduced volume to suit lighter riders, the Diamond also has a narrower stance.


The Converse



The Converse is Airush’s dedicated down the line shape, developed without compromise to destroy any wave you put in front of it. It’s remained true to it’s roots for over a decade.


The Mini Monster



The Mini Monster is designed to take you from light wind flat-water freeride sessions to strapless wave shredding. It’s playful enough for onshore surf and it features many of the same design aspects that made the Airush Cypher such a fun board to ride.


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