2018 Nobile Tribe 2HD review

Nobile Tribe Kiteworld review

A lightweight, one-board option for a range of conditions




Nobile Tribe Kiteworld review



Unveiling a new board from the wrapper is always a nice experience and one we’re blessed with fairly regularly at Kiteworld HQ. Nobile boards continually impress in that there’s always something new in the way they look. This year there’s a Saatchi & Saatchi logo on the tip showing their influence in design, and the graphics are certainly very, very striking without being over the top. The base of the board is especially eye-catching with that bloody red streak compared to the gritty snowboard finish on the deck.  


Nobile Tribe Kiteworld review


Nobile have introduced the SP Boarding ratchet strap system this year, and we’ve been impressed by that very easy tightening mechanism in the past, which allows you to easily bend down and adjust your strap while riding along. Frequently you set your strap up before hitting the water and then realise as soon as your foot is wet and you’ve done a couple of runs that you could do with it being tighter. No problem any more, though there is only one plane of adjustment (tightening over the arch of your foot, not front and back), and the strap could do with a few sessions to soften it up, but other than that, a great asset. As usual Nobile’s KISS system fins also don’t require a screwdriver; you simply hand-tighten the tabs and push them down to lock tight and have been used for several seasons, lasting the test of time and are great for travelling. 

In a test where we’ve had some heavyweight boards, the 2HD is super light! Designed with wide tips and a very thin rail, the explosive pop is immediately apparent. 

At 137 x 43 centimetres that’s a lot of width providing loads of early planing, and yet it’s not difficult to maintain speed when the wind picks up. We set the pads on the widest stance and you can enjoy a really good, aggressive feel and Nobile have done a great job of combining width with speed in a relatively short board – with the wide stance, there’s not much board left outside of your feet, but there’s no tip spray and you feel super compact. 


Nobile Tribe Kiteworld review


Combined with the lightweight feel, there’s definitely a lot of energy in the 2HD. It’s ideal for foot strap freestyle. You could put boots on it, but being so thin it would probably spoil that energised flex and you’d probably end up wanting more rocker. 

The big concave in the base cushions well on landings, grips the water well and adds playfulness as a contrast to the sharp rail bite. Although wide and would suit a bigger ride, the 137 is also easy to get a rail in and absolutely flies upwind. Praise goes here for producing wide board with a freestyle feel that’s also good for freeriding with good upwind grip. The over riding essence here though is of a high natural speed that works really well with that super sharp rail bite. Great board, but demands commitment to keep up with it over a long session if you’re an intermediate. 



A sweet looking board at the freestyle end of the freeride spectrum and this 137 size would suit a bigger rider as a one-board solution for all wind conditions. The outstanding elements are the lightweight feel mixed with fast performance. You really want to show off all the time. Although there are fantastic elements for freeriding as we’ve mentioned, such as shooting upwind, the 2HD however will suit more energetic and naturally fast riders as it likes to be ridden at at least 80% performance all the time. It doesn’t just cruise; it’s always revving hard and wants to perform. Hold on, go with it, load it up and fly!   



Superb lighter wind freestyle / freeride performance in a super-light and great looking design. 



The proportions of width versus length will be a bit full-on for smaller riders, so it’s definitely geared towards the freestyle end of freeride. 



Build quality: 8

Fixtures and fittings: 8 

Speed: 8.5

Pop: 8 

Drive: 7.5 

Flex: 6.5 

Comfort: 6 

Looseness: 6 

Grip: 8

Upwind: 8.5

Slider proof: NA 

Boots applicable: Yes

Freeriding: 6.5

Freestyle: 8.5

Ease of use: 7    


SIZES: 137 x 43 and 134 x 42.5cm 






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