2018 F-ONE Mitu Pro review

F-One Mitu 2018 review

Consistent, dependable and adept to help you progress whatever your wave riding level




F-One Mitu 2018 review



Words: Jim Gaunt 

Sitting bang in the middle of the two other boards on test we’ve chosen the Mitu Pro Model. Designed for Mitu Monteiro, a Cape Verdean who has arguably done more to influence the hotbed of talented young strapless freestyle riders on his home island, but is equally comfortable charging solid waves, be they at Ponta Preta or in Mauritius. F-One set a stiff challenge in providing one board for all.

In the base of the board there’s a big channel under your front foot, which in his mind helps find grip when landing strapless tricks, or riding the board backwards, fins first. However, you can look beyond that because in essence the Mitu Pro is ultra comfortable and controlled. Super light, it’s primarily dedicated to strapless riding (though there are inserts for straps) and the Mitu is relatively wide under your front foot and stable enough to be fairly forgiving of poor foot placements, but is round enough and generously rockered to grip smoothly around a turn. 



The very pulled in tail can turn really tightly while the wider and more buoyant front section maintains lovely speed and you can do that two stage turn where you turn in, pause for a moment and straighten out for a second while you read the section and then continue to commit further into the turn without having lost too much speed. 

The tail is really snappy at the top of the wave if you want it to be and generally everything about this board is just very, very fluid. If you’re maintaining natural speed by using the waves power and staying close to the face, or venturing further ahead before swinging a fast turn back towards the wave with the power of the kite, this board is nicely balanced to suit both styles. 

The Mitu isn’t lightning quick and it’s not the most stable barge for first time surfboard rookies either, but it is capable of pleasing most riders and with a little persistence you can learn to wobble through your gybes (it’s by no means unstable). So it can work as your first board because it doesn’t ask for technical drive through your front foot to maintain good flow through your turns, which is arguably more important in terms of quick thrills and feeling great. There’s also lovely flex which translates into a constant energy, making very light work of chop and difficult conditions. You can ride this all day and your legs won’t get tired, even if you’re burning hundreds of turns. It’s like it runs on an efficient automatic German gear box rather than a manual one. 

I think this 5’8” is the magic size to offer balance between early planing and high wind control and good handling in chop. It’s not bouncy at all, but riders over 80 kilos of an intermediate level may be more comfortable on the more floaty 5’10” (I’m 72 kilos).

If you are starting to try airs, the Mitu is light and has that nice wide section at your front foot, so as soon as you show it to the wind it sticks to your feet. Plus that almost full deck pad cushions the blow on landing and unlike wax doesn’t have any weak areas of grip.  

All the elements of control that offer Mitu rail grip and pop for his tricks and then grip assurances on landing, also make this a lovely board for what most people are looking for in waves. It’s not over technical, but great fun and rewarding. 

The full deck pad is grippy and super plush (it’s like they’ve filled it with gel!). Perhaps that softness takes something away from the total connection underfoot, but most people would rather take comfort in choppy seas over stiff feedback. 



Basically the Mitu offers high levels of control in pretty much all situations. It’s not as naturally pure surf-style as the Airush Comp and not as grippy and knife-like as the RRD Maquina, but it carries great natural speed and its constancy is key. Although this is obviously a technically adept board for freestyle, those comfortable assets of grip and easy balance also make it a really good board to access great performance and offers quick improvement in your riding. Whatever your level, this board offers smiles for miles basically. 



The Mitu is very undemanding in terms of effort for the rewards you get back and offers good progression for most levels of rider in most general kitesurfing conditions. 



Beautifully light, although is very flexible, it’s perhaps not the most ding resistant board, but that’s speculation and really this board is very hard to fault. Look after it and it’ll look after you! 


SIZES: 5’10” x 19” (25L), 5’8” x 18.5” (23.5L), 5’6” x 18.3” (22.5L) and 5’4” x 18” (21.5L)  

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