2017 F-One Carbon Mitu Pro model 5’6 review


KW reviews Mitu Monteiro’s board of choice!


This test first appeared in Issue #86 in March 2017



The carbon Mitu is one of the most riotous and fun surfboards for riding in tough, up and down Cape Town conditions. It looks pretty small physically and it’s incredibly light – constructed with an HD foam carbon composite, and F-One say that one of their top priorities was to keep this board light to make it more responsive. Job done!

Compact in length and just two inches thick, the volume is low at just 19 litres. Jim weighs 68 kilos and immediately loved the easy influence he had over the board, but surprisingly Matt at 95 kilos found it to be no slouch either and was planing easily and getting upwind again quickly, too. So there’s something in the design and that nose and tail channel gets the board planing incredibly efficiently without negatively affecting the board’s response and rail grip. Although short in size, there’s always quite a large proportion of the board in carving contact with the water thanks to a sharp increase in nose rocker and a more obvious tail rocker than we’ve seen elsewhere.



We were riding a six metre kite, occasionally underpowered, but most of the time really juiced up. The Mitu just feels happy all the time. Small at 5’6” it generates speed brilliantly and when you’re on a wave it has an incredible ability to give you the confidence to go for any section you want. The carving control mixed with the speed that the board can generate out of a tight bottom turn without much use of the kite made the top turns so much fun. You’re given a rare level of freedom to pick the exact section on the wave that you want to gouge or tail slide at will.



F-One say that the deck pad has been sunk deeper into the deck of the board than usual which makes you feel closer to the water. This helps you feel that you’re working in partnership with the board, rather than against it. Top turns could be radical as they require a fraction of the effort of some boards, but that’s also because it’s easy to maintain your carving speed and the more speed you can carry into a top turn, the more radical you can be. The tail is deliciously playful. Although it looks narrow down at your back foot, it gives you lots of response and is reliable when you need to count on holding a turn. The ability you have to feel balanced enough to confidently move your weight forward means you can unlock that secret code for sliding the tail that some riders have where they can seemingly do anything they like on a wave.

As the Mitu seems to always be operating in its happy place with natural speed, it therefore feels light and lively and as if the possibilities are endless. You won’t believe the apparently low volume in these boards as they have way more get up and go than that would suggest. You do need to be sharp with your footwork on this 5’6” though. Lighter riders like Jim will enjoy the easy, rewarding response of this size, if you’re 80 kilos and beyond, you may want to go bigger.




Effortless performance in windy, varied, tricky conditions for tight turning that’s like a hot knife through butter.



Super fun performance that mixes confidence inspiring speed around a carve, doesn’t require too much front foot pressure and there’s loads of freedom to make shapes on the wave face.



We can’t think of much, but don’t leave it alone on the beach for too long. If it doesn’t blow away because it’s incredibly light, the other danger is someone might steal it!




5’4” x 18” (18L volume)

5’6” x 18 1/3” (19L volume)

5’8” x 18 ½” (20L volume)

5’10” x 19” (21L volume)






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