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Jalou’s one of the world’s standout female waveriders and she was our subject for These Things I Know back in Issue #78. She waxed lyrical about melatonin, dating foreigners and being world champion!



Jalou Langeree These Things Now 


ONE – The best way to get wax off your board is to use a hairdryer. The heat makes it drip off so easily, which is very handy if you don’t live in a tropical climate.

TWO – Traveling has provided great learning experiences for me, especially when I started going without my big brother. Kevin always made traveling easy because he felt responsible and took care of everything. When I started traveling alone there seemed to be so much to think about; I double-checked everything, was scared of getting robbed and felt like I needed an extra set of eyes to look after all my bags. Speaking another language was scary and I was very shy back then. To get things done I’ve learned you have to speak up.

THREE – Watching surfing really helps my kiting. People always told me I should watch more surfing, but I was never convinced that it would really make me ride better. My vision was that if I just rode as many hours as possible then I’d learn. I then watched Ben Wilson’s instructional video on backside bottom turns which helped me understand the movement so much better. His description “it’s like sitting on a chair” is still in my head. I started adding that chair position to my bottom turns and it definitely works, so thanks Ben!

FOUR – Don’t swim and don’t panic when you’re getting washed. When you swim you might bump your head into the reef – which happened to me. Panic is your enemy, so try to enjoy the ride.

FIVE – Staring into your phone or computer before sleeping is not good for you. It still happens, but I’m trying to get better.

SIX – Melatonin is the best natural drug for traveling. It makes me sleep like a baby and kills the jet-leg, fast.

SEVEN – Dating foreigners brings no long-lasting relationships.

EIGHT – Don’t over do things. I killed my passion for freestyle early that way. I didn’t have the right balance; kiting was all I thought about. Nowadays I can skip a session when it’s not looking good, or if I don’t feel like it. I’m then so much more motivated and amped to try new stuff when I haven’t kited for a couple days.

NINE – A nice dessert doesn’t always have to be unhealthy. I make the best chocolate mouse with only avocado, banana, cocoa powder, dates and some nuts. Yum!

TEN – Make time for your family; life is an absolute gift and every day should be appreciated.  

ELEVEN – The world’s best wave kite spots are lefts: Mauritius, Indonesia and Cape Town are my favourites

TWELVE – Becoming World Champion was the best thing ever! I love setting goals and training hard to achieve them. Getting into that fully focused mode, having the right mindset, mentality and drive means you can become and achieve anything. 

THIRTEEN – Learn from your crashes. I had a very bad experience when I just started kiting. I wasn’t paying attention to the kite while trying to get my feet in my straps with booties and the kite took me for a rodeo ride. Luckily didn’t injure myself, but it was a good lesson and never happened again.

FOURTEEN – A white lie never killed anyone. Claiming to be a golf player can save you quite a lot of money when you travel a lot!

 Jalou Langeree These Things Now


PHOTOS – Gilles Calvet, Mozambique


Jalou Langeree has 14 Dutch national titles and became KSP World Wave Champion in 2014. She calls Noordwijk in Holland home and she’s sponsored by Naish, Mystic and Sinner Eye wear.




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