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Pre-breakfast Session


Beer: R$3 – 4

Pousada Meal: R$35 (roughly, depending on the menu)

Accommodation: Contact KiteWorldWide for the latest packages.




Tatajuba provides such a unique experience that we would challenge anyone not to be seduced by the peace, the tranquility, the amazing food cooked by Marcel at the pousada and the phenomenal kiting. Of course if you want to party you can organise an evening transfer trip to Jericoacoara along the beach too, so all your bases are covered.


If you're looking for a mellow kiting experience, total relaxation, excellent food and to meet a small group of like minded people, then this is the place. Pousada Portal do Vento is the only place to stay here at the moment (although there is an Argentinian place being developed close by) and you really do feel like you have the place to yourself.

The ocean front in Tatajuba features a lagoon that forms at the rivermouth leading out to the beach. At high tide you can still touch the bottom in the lagoon and you have acres of space to practice. At full low tide it's a 200 yard walk to get to the ocean but from mid-tide there is lush flat water on the inside leading to well ordered rows of kickers heading out into the ocean. The wind is just a little less than Jeri and you'll find you're usually perfectly powered on a seven in mid-afternoon. As the water fills in it really feels like your own little all-terrain park. Rip super flat water on the inside and then on the next run navigate through a little channel and hit the kickers on the outside. Most of the time you will be sharing the place with only the handful of other pousada guests!

The lagoon at Tatajuba empties at low tide, so it's a bit of a walk out to the sea, but you can kite there all day. There is however another massive 'secret spot' flat fresh water lagoon that Pousada Portal do Vento will escort you to in the dunes and is well worth it.

Staying here in Tatajuba can be arranged through KiteWorldWide and features as part of their 'Relax Tour' in which you'll stay in luxury accommodation (great for all the family) in Prea, Jericoacoara and Tatajuba. Not too strenuous, you will get to ride a few spots and have everything taken care of.


Just 40 minutes from Jericoacoara, the wind is very similar here, if just a little less. Side-shore from the right, the trade winds combine with a late morning thermal and winds can start here early, around 7am, so you can get a really nice session in while your breakfast is being cooked back at the pousada. As mentioned the lagoon here is very tide dependent, and at high tide it's one of the most beautiful flat water destinations you can imagine, which occasionally does mean making the most of it early in the morning. Windiest August to November, you will be riding nearly every day from the July through January, though. Sea temperatures of 20 - 25ºC / 68° - 77°F, so no wetsuits needed, just some good lycra and strong sunscreen.


Portal do Vento is a garden of eden that you cannot fail to find relaxing. Consisting of a couple of palefitas (bungalow style rooms on stilts) as well as several more wooden bungalows nestled in the trees in their beautiful garden, there is also a swimming pool and food and drinks available at the little bar. Run by a Dutch couple, Sandra and Marcel, they are welcoming, gracious hosts that love cooking and kitesurfing. What a great combo!


KITEWORLDWIDE run a VDWS recognised centre on the beach and lessons / hire can be organised as part of your acccommodation package.
+44 (0) 20 36 085 777


+44 (0) 20 36 085 777


Take a trip to Jericoacoara, visit the famous sand dune there or take a buggy trip to one of the picturesque lagoons that have a few restaurants and bars dotted along their shores.


You can just about drive in to Tatajuba, although Portal do Vento have an arrangement with a pousada just outside Tatajuba where you can leave your hire car before the sand gets too soft. We headed to Tatajuba via 45 minute beach buggy transfer along the beach from Jericoacoara in one of the best hotel transfers we have ever experienced. Of course you could kite there, but we ripped along the 12 kilometres to Guriu, got the little man-powered ferry, then drove through a little forest by the beach, out the otherside, along another huge section of beach before cutting inland sharply and driving across a dry river bed for a section, and eventually made it to Tatajuba. Portal do Vento / KiteWorldWide do run their own transfers from Fortaleza airport, which is three to four hours.


Brazilian Reais (R$) - £1 = R$3.7 / €1 = R$3.1 / US$ = R$2.3


There is a very basic supermarket and the kite school on the beach runs a small but very authentic food and drink selection. Other than that you'll be eating in the pousada, however the food that Marcel prepares is excuisite with a fresh menu daily. Marcel's daily menus are superb, and he can be flexible in terms of the group's tastes. Breakfast is huge, from fruit and muesli to pancakes, bacon and eggs and more. There is no nightlife here, everything is very tranquil, although most evenings the guests remain in the bar after dinner to hear about each other's experiences on the water. Nights out can be organised to Jericoacoara.


Pinto Martins, Fortaleza (FOR) is roughly 340 kilometres from Tatajuba. If you're renting your own car and it's not 4x4 you'll have to leave it just outside of town, otherwise you'll be provided with a transfer.
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