South Padre Island | Texas

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Kiteboarding South Padre


Peak Season: March – June
Summer Air Temp: 32°C / 90°F
Summer Water Temp: 25°C / 77°F


Beer: $3

Restaurant Meal: $10

Accommodation: $30 per night


+1 956 299 9463

+1 554 5483 (855 SPI KITE)


A truly classic USA destination. You name it; SPI has it! This small beach city’s focus is on outdoor activities. Superb wind, a million acres of flat, shallow, warm Gulf waters, warm air and water temperatures as well as a lack of crowds make this a kiter’s dream (although you’ll definitely find a good party!).

Kiteboarding South Padre
PHOTO / Air Padre Kiteboarding


The island runs almost straight north to south and is less than a mile wide. Choose from sheltered butter-flats on the Laguna Madre Bay side, to head-high, pitching waves in the Gulf of Mexico. Laguna Madre Bay on the west side has over a million acres of flat, shallow waters. Wherever you put your kite down you’ll be able to touch the bottom. The main launches on this side are just north of town, starting with the south flats. A sandy bottom and shallow blue water make this a premier kite spot in northeast to northwest winds. Up the road the north flats work in 360 degrees of wind, but costs $15 per month or $25 per year for access. Passes and local advice available at the kite shops. The wind is generally stronger towards the middle of the eight mile bay - join the local shop’s guided downwinders as they’ll take you straight to the wind. For surf, the Gulf of Mexico provides 15 miles of coastline with side-shore winds. Intermediate to advanced riders can shred chest to head-high, steep, fast and smack- able waves. Pitching more on the inside and remaining mellower beyond the first couple of sand bars, you can really choose your desired gradient. Do a downwinder, hop in a cab and do it all again!

South Padre Island Texas Kiteworld Travel
South Padre Island Texas Kiteworld Travel
PHOTOS / Air Padre Kiteboarding


The winds average 17 knots all year! The busiest kite seasons are spring (March to June with ridiculously consistent thermals mid-summer) and fall/autumn (September to November) when the weather and water temperatures are still warm. August through early October is tropical hurricane season and can be unpredictable. As cold fronts approach between September and November from northern states, the south winds are sucked in from the Caribbean, often blowing 20 knots for several days. As the north front reaches Texas, the direction switches 180 degrees and it nukes from the north at 35+ knots. April to November boardshorts / light wetsuit weather. Summer temps can reach 32°C / 90°F. Year round average water temps: 25°C / 77°F. Bring all your kites – you’ll use ‘em!

South Padre Island Texas Kiteworld Travel
PHOTO / Air Padre Kiteboarding


All you’d expect for a destination resort set-up for tourism, from budget motels to houses for the family.


AIR PADRE KITEBOARDING is the premier centre on SPI, offering camps and lessons, beginner – advanced, year round. Support boats and radio helmets for every student. Surfing, SUP, kayaking and wakeboarding also offered, as well as a kite repair service and large selection of multi-sport rental gear.

Accredited by: IKO and PASA
+1 956 299 9463

PROKITE SOUTH PADRE teach all levels all year using Headzone waterproof radio helmet teaching aids and also have a jet-ski support on every lesson. They also offer supervised sessions, gear rental, gear sales, guided tours and photo/video services. They also have an operation in Hood River.

Accredited by: IKO / PASA
+1 554 5483 (855 SPI KITE)


The best surf in the Gulf of Mexico. Scuba diving, snorkelling, SUPing, jet-skiing, dune buggies, fishing, sailing, sky diving and dolphin watching are also great fun. A $3 cab will take you to any place or activity on the island. The Mexican border is just 15 miles south...

South Padre Island Texas Kiteworld Travel
PHOTO / Brian Goldsberry


SPI has good local transportation, but hiring a car is recommended to make the most of spots and sights.


US Dollar ($) - £1 = $1.5 / €1 = $1.2


Driving down Padre Blvd, look out for Blackbeard’s Padre Island Brewing Co. and Captain Roy’s D’Pizza Joint. Three supermarkets for self catering. Nightlife is at the south end of the island with bars lined side-by-side - try Louie’s Backyard or Wanna Wanna. Best views of the technicolour sunsets with tasty cocktails at Laguna Bob’s, Tequila Sunset or Palm St. Pier. More conveniences etc. are a 30-minute drive inland to Brownsville.


Brownsville airport (BRO) is 30 minutes inland, Harlington airport (HRL) is 45 minutes away and McAllen (MFE), 90.
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