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Preá is a quiet fishing village located just inside the entrance of the beautiful Jericoacoara National Park, in the northeast of Ceara state. The most popular kite spot in this 15 mile section of coast, there are mile after mile of empty beaches that see constant 25-knot side/side-onshore winds brush against it
every day, with July to January being the best months. This is a classic spot and with the main spot right outside the Rancho do Kite centre, it's ideal with plenty of kiters making the short hop from Jeri to kite here, too. A quieter fishing village, this is a perfect kite spot.

For more reading on Prea check out Resort Report in issue #34 of Kiteworld!



The wind really does blow between 20 to 30 knots, constantly side to side-on-shore every single day from July to January. It's safe and just insanely regular. Flatter in the morning and choppier with more wave options in the afternoon, this spot is ideal for all levels. Plus, the beach is enourmous with no obstacles, so you can find all the space you need and downwinders are a must.



Among other reasons, lying at the core of why Brazil has shot up the world kiteboarding hot-spot ratings is its utter reliability for wind. From July to December the wind will blow at least 25 knots from the east or northeast every, single day, 100%. It's very strong in August and gets progressively less until January. January to June see a slight dip in form, performing between 15 and 20 knots four to seven days a week. Shocking. Adding to the shame is a horrendously satisfying air temperature of 28 to 30°C from June to December and a little less the rest of the year.



You can easily walk around Prea. The best means of transport between Prea and Jericoacoara (12 kilometres) are the free transfers with Rancho do Peixe and Vila Kalango or to rent your own beach buggy for a while. There are also many taxi buggies or motorbikes widely available. The closest cities are Cruz and Jijoca de Jericoacoara, should you need anything unusual, but most things are available in Prea and particularly, Jericoacoara. Prea is a small, peaceful fishing village, so you won't experience any bigger city problems.

Currency: Brazilian Reais (R$) - £1 = R$4 / €1 = R$3.3 / US$ = R$2.4
The villages do not have ATMs, so bring cash with you. Most hotels and restaurants (including Vila Kalango, Rancho do Peixe and Rancho do Kite) accept credit and debit cards.



There are only a few options in Prea, Rancho do Peixe being the most famous and luxurious with 20 exclusive bungalows spaced out within its tropical grounds and is an ideal refuge for those seeking rest, a rustic quality and contact with nature. Rancho's sister hotel, Vila Kalango in Jericoacoara, has 24 accommodations, ranging from apartments and bungalows to stilt houses. Both are right in front of their respective beaches. Sustainability being a key aim for the hotels, they are built entirely from local materials and decorated with handmade products. Personal experience has shown the Kiteworld team that hospitality, good service and great food can be expected. KiteWorldWide run their Relax Safari over three spots: Prea, Jericoacoara and Tatajuba, providing you accommodation in Rancho do Peixe in Prea and Vila Kalango in Jeri. There are other guest house options in Prea and Jericoacoara is bigger and busier with many more options for all budgets.



Most people staying at Rancho do Peixe eat at the hotel restaurant or beach bar. There are a couple of basic options in Prea, however there are lots of options in Jericoacoara, a 15 minute buggy ride away. You'll find a wide array of options for all budgets.
Prea is a great option for families looking to unwind, or couples wanting to relax. There isn't any nightlife to speak of in Prea, but plenty in Jericoacoara, with watering holes serving late into the night. It's a fun place!



There are lots of tours by buggy around the region to see 30 metre high dunes, picturesque lagoons, other charming villages and plenty more experiences in Jeri, including horse riding, sailing etc. Rancho do Peixe offers an experience menu with unique options and the relax space has massages and treatments. There is also SUP and kayaks for rent at the kite school, Rancho do Kite.



 Fortaleza (FOR) is approximately four hours by car. Rancho do Peixe offer 4x4 vehicles for private transfers. The first 300 kilometres are tarmacked, after that the roads are very rutted. We did manage it in a little hire car, but it was very bumpy and without a 4x4 we couldn't drive in to Jericoacoara, however did make it to Rancho do Peixe in Prea. If you're planning on just moving between Prea and Jericoacoara, there isn't really any need to hire a car.


Riders who have included Prea as one of their Top Places to Ride are:Angela Peral, Mallory De la Villemarqué, Jalou Langeree, Jo Wilson,Niccolo Porcella, Nick Jacobsen, Sigve Botnen, Youri Zoon
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Region: Brazil

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