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One of the first credible wave spots you'll hit heading north from Cumbuco, Paracuru also has a big flat water lagoon, is very close to another lagoon in Taiba and has a very lively facility set up on the beach. Lots of accommodation options, restaurants, bars and kite shops and pousadas a couple of kilometres back in town.


The first main spots north of Cumbuco are popular. Taiba is a small town with plenty of pousadas to choose from, seemingly spread out in the dunes and retains a unique, quiet feel.

Tucked up in the upwind corner of Taiba beach is where you'll find some fun wave conditions breaking away from a very pretty, lush section of coastline with beach houses embedded within the thick tree lined beach. Launch in front of the beach restaurant and then rip a kilometre or two down to Taiba lagoon. Smaller than Cauipe lagoon in Cumbuco, it's also usually less busy, although therefore doesn't take as many kiters to feel crowded. At the start and end of the day it's quieter and the flat water conditions are tremendous. It's also where you tend to find a small group of US/Canadian riders like Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll and Sam Medysky who prefer to stay here when they visit. The local talent here and in Paracuru is of course as ridiculously good as anywhere else.

Hop back in the ocean and continue several quick kilometres to Paracuru. Paracuru is really the second major spot in this area after Cumbuco. The actual kite beach is a couple of kilometres from Paracuru town and where all the pousadas, restaurants and bars are, but most pousadas offer transfers or, of course, you can hop in a buggy.

The spot itself is excellent, but largely affected by the tide. A reef a few hundred metres off the beach kicks up waves on the outside making this one of the most fun wave spots in the area (excluding a spot just downwind of Pecem port between Cumbuco and Taiba) and at higher tide the inside lagoon fills up with lots of space for safe flat water riding. At low tide there really isn't much water on the inside with just enough space for a handful of kiters to comfortably rip the flat waters, but it fills in quickly. There is a big popular beachside restaurant serving all sorts of classic Brazilian beach foods all day long, from the ever present baio do doixe rice dish, chicken and meat dishes, but the real treat are the fish options, our favourite being the stingray – a kind of shredded, chunky stew. Kite People is a friendly centre located right next to the restaurant (they are in the middle of building a pousada on the kite beach road) and there are showers and toilet conveniences on the beach. It's a really great set-up and provides a good shelter from the wind too for family members or partners not participating in kitesurfing.



Very similar winds here to Cumbuco, if a little windier as it's a bit further north. Expect 18 - 26 knots daily between 10am and 4pm, and usually dropping a bit before sunset, which is early in Brazil, just after 6pm! Daytime temperatures around 29°C / 84°F, dropping to 23°C / 73°F at night. The water temperature sits at a comfy 27°C / 80°F for the majority of the year.



Paracuru is a well equipped town with restaurants, much more so than the majority of villages you'll pass along the way, and this, along with its variety of conditions and bearably close 90 minute proximity to Fortaleza airport, all contribute to making it a popular spot. There is a good kiting crowd and a lively atmosphere in the height of season.


Currency: Brazilian Reais (R$) - £1 = R$4 / €1 = R$3 / US$  = R$2.5  As previously mentioned, try to organise your cash at the airport or before you come as we found lots of ATMs wouldn't accept international cards. Most restaurants accept card payments though.


We stayed in Paracuru Kite Village, an enclosed oasis set close to the main town a couple of kilometres from the kite spot with good facilities in more of a relaxed, friendly hostel style of accommodation that won't break the bank and is popular with lots of traveling kiters.

There are lots more kite-accommodation businesses here and some good budget options. If you're looking for top end luxury you may have to look further.  Click HERE for accommodation option in Paracuru or click on the tab above.


Click HERE for shops and schools in Paracuru or click on the tab above


In season there are lots of cocktail bars and restaurants that open up close to the main square in the town, as well as a mix of traditional Brazilian meat restaurants and more. Most pousadas serve their own lunches and dinners as well.


All the regular Brazilian activities, such as surfing, buggy tours, yoga, beach walks and of course chilling by pools or on the beach!


From Fortaleza Pinto Martins (FOR) is around 90 minutes from Paracuru. Check with your accommodation for transfers or hire a car - there is lots to explore!


Added: 2014-01-06

Region: Brazil

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