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Experience the real Greece as it was 30 – 40 years ago before mass-tourism, with friendly people, good food, tradition and originality. Limnos island is unspoiled with amazing landscapes and much to see and do off the water. Keros is a super safe sandy kitesurfing bay with a variety of conditions, suitable for all.


Keros beach effectively offers three different spots in one, with a super flat section at the north end of the bay, a bump 'n' jump section in the middle and a mini wave spot at the south end. The beach is sandy and shallow, so you can stand up safely in most places, even up to 80 or 100 metres out in some spots. The water is very clean and colours are crisp and blue. The predominant wind is from the northeast (Meltemi) and is warm in the summer, but provides a cold breeze in the winter. In south winds conditions are reversed, with the flat section at the south of the bay and waves to the north. 
As mentioned, some small waves feature in Keros Bay, there are also some small waves at Red Rock beach and side-shore winds, but in autumn and spring, Gomati can produce the best waves in Greece on a strong northeaster, and is a 30 minutes drive away. Doesn't often work in summer months. 
Spring and autumn are fun as you can get a mix of conditions and in the summer it's almost only Meltemi winds all season. Limnos is mainly a morning spot, with the wind kicking in early and picking up between nine and 10am, usually peaking between 10.30 and 14.30, before gradually dropping and switching slightly offshore. In spring and autumn the wind can stay through the evening. Most summer evenings are great for other sports, such as SUP cruises, swimming or snorkelling in front of the Surf Club Keros centre.



Limnos enjoys 280 days of sun a year, so remember your sun screen! You'll need only boardshorts in the summer months of July and August, a shorty for May, June and September and a 3/2 in April and October. It's a good idea to bring a hoody even in the summer for the windy evenings which can feel cool and a wind breaker can be useful in April and September. Other than that, it's t-shirt weather as you'd imagine for Greece.


Kontopouli is the main village close by, Kalliopi is the nearest main town three kilometres away and Moudros is a ten minute drive, with ATMs and supermarkets. The distance from the Surf Camp to the beach is about an 800 metre walk. Most rent out mountain bikes or scooters, but it's worth hiring a car for at least a few days to take a trip around the island. A scooter will do the job too, though.
Currency: Euro (€) - £1 = €1.2 / US$1 = €0.8  The closest ATM is at Moudros or the airport, around a ten minute drive away. Most places do not accept credit or debit cards so cash is essential. Surf Club Keros can accept PayPal and online credit/debit payments.

Photo of Limnos  Photo of Limnos  Photo of Limnos 


Enjoy a unique eco-friendly stay at the Surf Camp Keros in luxury safari tents where five star accommodation blends with the camping experience. There are also VW camper type tents; real size replicas of the original VW van, equipped with basic furniture. Both options allow you to check the conditions from bed! Order a coffee from Mama's cafe and head to the beach. There are other accommodation options within a five to ten minute drive away.


People usually eat at Mama's restaurant within the Surf Club camping grounds, which serves traditional Greek food, but there are lots of other options in the area.


Loads of activities at the Surf Camp Keros, from spas and yoga to mountain bike rides, kayak excursions and snorkelling. Also try windsurfing in light winds and SUPing. Outside of camp take a 4x4 drive or go on day trips to archaeological sites or discover private beaches, traditional villages, try out the award winning local wines or visit an Ouzo distillery.


Limnos International Airport (LXS) is ten minutes from Keros. There are three charter flights per week to Limnos from the UK and a few from Switzerland and Finland. Otherwise, fly into Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Rhodes (RHO) or Lesvos (MJT) and catch a domestic connection to Limnos, via Aegean Airlines or Sky Express.


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Region: Greece

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