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Known as the 'island of the roses,' Rhodes which is the biggest island of the Dodecanese archipelago, is the capital of this Greek Island group and enjoys insane sunshine rates every year. Great kiting conditions, an easy-going lifestyle, friendly and hospitable people and practically zero criminality only scratch the surface of factors as to why Rhodes is an ideal destination to get your kiting fix.


Kremasti, on the west coast of the island is renowned for its constant cross-shore winds and warm, crowd-free waters. The Meltemi winds build slowly in the morning when the water is flat, providing ideal conditions for learning. From around midday things really start to pick up and virtually every afternoon in the main season the wind kicks in nicely. Kremasti Bay is a quiet, ideal beach for learning or progressing, free of swimmers and windsurfers and with a long, clear shore-line. Kitesurfing is fun and easy here.


Rhodes enjoys the benefits of the famous Meltemi wind, but in the bay of Kremasti you can enjoy a nice thermal wind that is generated from the venturi effect between Turkey, the hills of Mount Smith and Rhodes itself. Most afternoons the wind speeds pick up to an average of 20 knots, peaking at 25 knots if you're lucky. May - October are the best times for kiting. Wetsuit-wise you'll be good in just a shortie during the peak summer months of June, July and August, but you may want to pack a full suit at other times to keep any chill at bay.


To get the most out of your trip to Rhodes you should definitely consider hiring a car, although if you are confident (and patient) then the challenge of a local bus will do just as well, but you'll obviously struggle with lots of kit. Taxi fares can be expensive but can obviously get the job done if you are in a rush.


A wide range of hotels can be found in Kremasti which cater for all budgets. Most are just a short walk to the beach front. There's something here for families, couples and individuals with the option of value hotels and apartments also on offer, most of which are self catering. Rhodes Town is just a few minutes back down the road.


Kremasti has lots of traditional Greek restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops. More of which can be found in the nearby traditional village of Kremasti which will have you spoilt for choice and provide you with some of the more home grown cuisines. Rhodes Town has everything you'd expect from the capital city of a popular tourist island. Head to Rhodes Town for a quiet evening or lunch, taking a lazy stroll through the narrow, cobbled lanes looking for the next bar to hit.


Kremasti is fairly quiet, but nearby Laiyssos, Ixia and Rhodes Town have a more 'adventurous' scene with more tourist attractions and a busy nightlife. Rhodes old town was built by the Knights of Saint John, and the well-preserved castle is a must-visit and looks spectacular lit-up at night. Your holiday on the island wouldn't be complete without a walk up to the ancient Acropolis in Lindos. Alternatively find a quiet cove for a dip, or for something more exciting, head to Ixia for the adrenaline of jet-bikes.


Rhodes airport (RHO) is 14 kilometres southwest of the capital, Rhodes Town, but only ten minutes from Kremasti.


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Region: Greece

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