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Porto Botte can be found in the Sulcis Iglesiente region of Sardinia, where nature still reigns beautifully over centres of population. A foaming emerald sea kisses 200 kilometres of varied Mediterranean coastline, from wild, untouched landscapes to more inhabited areas that guarantee your every comfort for a relaxing and entertaining holiday.


The best and windiest spot in southern Sardinia is Porto Botte on the southwest corner of the island at the narrow point between Sardinia and Sant'Antioco island. The wind systems travelling across the Mediterranean Sea get funnelled through this gap, creating fantastic, regular conditions.

Porto Botte offers flat, shallow water with winds coming cross and cross-onshore from the right. There is an authorised kite zone in Poro Botte, so you can kite right through the main summer season, unlike elsewhere from June to September. There are also several other awesome spots in the area that cater for different wind directions, producing a variety of conditions and all are within an hour's drive.

19 kilometres away is Sant'Antioco island, featuring Spiaggia Salina and Spiaggia Grande; two beautiful freestyle spots working in NW - NE winds. Spiaggia di Coequaddus is a fabulous wave/freestyle spot in E - SE winds. Funtanamare is a demanding wave spot 50 kilometres from Porto Botte, which can be hit in N - NW winds.

Porto Pino is just six kilometres away and is a stunning, never ending freestyle/wave spot working in SW - NW winds. Probably the two best wave riding options on the island though are Chia in E - SE/W - SW winds, which is an hour's drive, or the magic Sinis peninsula, working in N - NW conditions, but is two hours away. All spots work with cross and cross-onshore winds, are not tidal, feature no currents and, apart from a couple of wave spots, are suitable for all levels.


Two wind patterns operate in the area. The Mistral wind comes from the NW, left to right crossonshore. Super-consistent, it usually brings nice weather. March to May (spring), it's perfect for wave riding before the summer rolls in when it's good for lessons and the expert freestyler. Remaining steady, the Mistral winds only get too strong during a winter storm.

The Scirocco wind comes from the SE, blowing right to left crossonshore. The Scirocco wind mainly blows in May and October, regularly reaching force five when you can get some unforgettable wave sessions in at Chia.

On top of these, the sea breezes in this area are very good, so when the forecast is for ten knots, you're likely to see 18 combined with the funnelling effect of the straits. Summer temps range from 24 - 32C / 75 - 90F and in winter remains pleasant, from 15 - 20C / 59 - 68F. Take your seven to 12 metre kites. Water temps range from 16C / 61F in March, peaking at 26C / 79F in August/September.


There is very little public transport, so you'll need to rent a car.


Sant'Antioco and Calasetta are the recommended places to stay. Two lovely coastal villages, they are just a 15 minute drive from Porto Botte, offering a wide range of accommodation catering for all budgets. As well as hotels, find something for families, couples or individuals with the option of value hotels and apartments, most of which are self-catering.


Sant'Antioco comes alive for a short, but intense party season in July/August when lots of Italians flock to the island. In both Sant'Antioco and Calasetta (more choice in Sant' Antioco) there are traditional Sardinian restaurants, supermarkets and coffee shops.


You'll find several sites of archaeological interest close by from the Nuragic, Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine eras, including the only catacombs in the whole of Sardinia. There's a wealth of uncontaminated landscapes to be discovered, from the coast to the hinterlands that can be experienced on foot, mountain bike, horseback, motorbike, or in off-road vehicles all year round.


Cagliari (CAG) is 70 kilometres from Porto Botte; Olbia (OLB) 306 kilometres; Alghero (AHO) 286 kilometres (3.5 hours). There are also ports in Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Porto Torres and Cagliari for those wanting to drive from Europe.

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Region: Italy

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