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Kiting between these dramatic mountains in the morning and afternoon thermals is a unique experience. If you're learning, lessons are very safe and all done from a boat, so you have all the space you could possibly need.


The key to this place is stable wind, two reliable thermal directions and loads of space. A little downwind on the Limone side you'll find a spot with the perfect flat water freestyle conditions for about an hour-and-a-half after after the sun has come up. Start early at the main spot and do a lovely downwinder to the flat water. Boat rides available with Wind Riders

Choose from three different spots in the afternoon: Capo Reamol, Navene or Campione. All just a 10-15 minute boat ride. In general the water is flatter in the afternoon as the wind tends to be a little lighter. Wind Riders are opening a second school at Hotel Cape Reamol. Wake up, check the wind and roll down to your waiting boat and instructor. All spots are good for all levels and the boat brings you back upwind if you drift downwind. For advanced riders there is loads of space to do tricks. An important factor to note is that all watersports participants are required to wear a life jacket on Lake Garda.


The north (Peler) wind blows all year, strongest in April, May, September and October, often up to 25/30 knots. The remaining months it blows 70% of days. Stronger in the mornings, most use sevens or nines and bigger kites in the afternoon as the wind switches to come from the south (Ora wind). Ora wind is strongest May and September, but usually blows enough for a good session for 70% of days each month. A day with no wind at all is rare and in 2011 there weren't two days in a row without wind.

Most of the year is good for learning. In March, April and October you will need a long wetsuit, but a shorty is fine in summer - just boardies in July and August. Warmer clothes in April and October as the temps can vary from 15 - 25°C / 59 - 77°F. In the summer temps max at around 38°C / 100°F, although there can occasionally be a chill in the evening. Water temperatures range from 12°C / 50°F degrees in March to 22°C / 78°F in summer.

Photo of Lake Garda  Photo of Lake Garda  Photo of Lake Garda 


You can get around without a car, using the ferry, bus or train to visit bigger towns. For convenience it's recommended to stay on the south side if you don't want a car. On the north side of Limone though are lovely little villages with all conveniences. Lots of towns worth visiting all around the lake, and further afield (2.5 hours on average) are Milan, Verona and Venice. You may want to hire a bike around Limone.

Currency: Euro (€): £1 = €1.2 / $1 = €0.8 A 10% tip isn't compulsory, but is expected at restaurants.


From luxury lake-side hotels to B&Bs and serene campsites next to the kite spots. This is also the first year that Hotel Capo Reamol accepts kitesurfers, right on the best spot.


Limone isn't an all-night party town, but it is lively early evening. Enjoy a drink on the beach at the beach bars followed by lovely dinner in town where there's lots of choice. The scene is very social, so if you're travelling alone you'll always hook up with other kiters. The closest bigger town is Riva, ten kilometres north.


Explore the mountains by hiking or biking. Verona is just 90 minutes away where you'll find classic operas and Romeo and Juliet's famous balcony. For excitement, there's wakeboarding, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding and beachvolley ball. There's also great shopping, castles, modern art museums and traditional towns and villages to visit. There are big theme parks in Garda.


Milan/Bergamo (BGY) is an hour and 40 minutes drive and you can hire a cars from Sixt or Hertz for about ?20 per day. Verona/Brescia (VBS) is a similar distance. Getting to Limone by bus will take twice the time.

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Region: Italy

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