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Situated in northeast Spain near the French border, Golf de Roses (Bay of Roses) is a huge bay with exciting, yet safe conditions, which has been popular among windsurfers, and now kitesurfers, for many years. The coastal strip of the Costa Brava stretches from roughly 40 kilometres north of Barcelona along the entire district of Girona, and features beautiful and rugged landscapes. Tourism and fishing are the staple of the Golf de Roses economy, meaning that there is plenty to do if you're unlucky enough to be lacking wind or keeping non-kiters happy! Couples can escape the relative hustle and bustle of L'Escala and hide away in cosy cafes and restaurants amongst picturesque alleyways, or take in the breathtaking sights of the Pyrenees and watch the world go by.


The Bay of Roses lies in the path of the most constant winds in Northern Spain. The strong and steady Tramontana blows cross or cross-shore from the left and maintains a strong grip on the wind and weather conditions in the vicinity of the Pyrenees. It's particularly strong in spring and autumn, when it can get up to force eight or nine! The thermal wind prevails in the summer months (mid-June to mid-September) blowing cross-onshore from the right, averaging between a mellow force three and lively force five. The summer thermal wind is very reliable and builds up towards midday. The sandy bay is roughly 80 metres wide and the shallow water extends out for about 30 metres. The shape of the bay ensures absolute safety for kitesurfers in Tramuntana, and the regular thermal wind conditions never blow offshore. There's enough room for first-time kitesurfers while the more advanced riders can enjoy blasting out into the vast open playground.


Strong Tramontana winds in the spring and autumn from the left, and more gentle but regular breezes coming cross-onshore from the right in the summer months (mid-June to mid-September).


Between April and September the water temperature fluctuates between 17 and 22°C.


There's plenty of choice in this region for where and what to stay in. Choose from campsites or family bungalows on the beach, apartments, four star hotels and even converted windmills. Eating out is an experience in itself here, and you can sample some real Spanish life. Don't miss out on the typical Catalonian cuisine at the exquisite L'Horta restaurant, or the general favourite of most wind and kitesurfers, La Lluna. Of course a trip to Spain wouldn't be the same without visiting the odd Tapas bar, and there are plenty about. You'll also be hard pressed to avoid getting involved with the fabulously strong cocktails served in most places.


Girona (GRO): 25 minute drive or Barcelona (BCN): 90 minute drive from the Bay of Roses.


A rental car is recommended for getting around this region.


The official languages are Spanish, Catalan and Galician, but in most tourist areas English is spoken and understood. Galician is a language from NW Spain.


Golf De Roses

Golf De Roses
Golf De Roses


Added: 2007-07-18

Region: Spain

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