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Punta San Carlos is world famous for its extremely long, down-theline point break waves and some of the most consistent cross-off winds, offering perfect conditions for kiting as well as surfing and SUPing. Make no mistake, this is definitely one of the top five wind and wave destinations in the world, but the whole back-to-basics experience is unbeatable.

CAPTION | Camerion Dietrich, ripping.


Punta San Carlos is for wave kiting! If you are into riding waves, or want to get into riding waves with your kite, there is no better place on earth. Mellow, easy rolling, mile long waves let you perfect your wave riding with turn after turn on the smooth faces. There are five distinct breaks right in front of the main launch area giving you all the options you could need: from big peaks for sky high jumps at the 'Bombora'; mellow waves in the 'Beachbreak' perfect for learning how to get in and out through the surf while ripping the waves on the way in; to more powerful rip-able waves for advanced riders at 'The Point' and on down towards the premiere spot, 'Chili Bowl', where the top pros and expert riders put their skills to the test. From there the waves just keep rolling on for another mile down to the 'Fishcamp' and beyond. See – sounds like wave heaven, right? There's definitely something for every level of wave rider, from beginner to expert.


The desert meets the sea in Punta San Carlos so the winds are extremely consistent all year round. Peak season is March through October, with 20 – 25 days a month over 20 knots. Highest winds March to May, from 25 – 40 knots. June, July, August 25 – 35 knot average and September, October and November more like 18 – 25. The winter months of November through February still see around 50% of days over 20 knots, though. You can enjoy waves here year round from the south, southwest, west and northwest, but the real magic happens during south and southwest swells.

Being prepared for both cold and warm weather is the key in PSC. Springtime months of March to May are the coldest, ranging from 13 – 21ºC / 55 – 70ºF in the day to 10 – 16ºC / 50 – 60ºF at night. Water at that time is around 13 - 16ºC / 56 – 60ºF. June and July water and air temperatures slowly pick up with the later summer and fall months of August to October being the warmest; t-shirt air temperatures and water temps up to 20ºC / 68ºF,
although it's always a good idea to bring your wetsuit.


Punta San Carlos is pristine, undeveloped and remote. There are two ways to do Punta San Carlos! 01: The Complicated Way: On your own, a nine-plus hour drive from San Diego California with the last 35 miles being a carpounding dirt road. Once at the point you’ll need to be selfsufficient, from food and drinks to water, shade and wind blocks as there are no services or stores. The nearest town is over 50 miles away, back up that bumpy dirt road. 02: The Hassle Free Way: Call SoloSports Adventure Holidays for an all-inclusive adventure, including round-trip small plane transportation from San Diego, right to their own private airstrip on the beach next to the SoloSports Camp. All your food and beverages included, (they eat like kings) including beer, wine, spirits, cocktails and their famous Baja Fogs (served from their own outdoor bar and lounge!), use of all their toys: surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, mountain bikes, kayaks and top of the line kite and windsurf gear. Each guest or couple gets a deluxe mini cabin tent, fully loaded with pads, pillows and freshly laundered sleeping bags, daily hot showers, internet and use of a games room with TV/DVD, pool table, darts, foosball table and library. All this in the middle of nowhere in the Mexican desert!

Currency: Mexican Peso (MXN): £1 = 21MXN / €1 = 18MXN / $1 = 13MXN US dollars also widely accepted.


Bring your tent or go with Solosports Adventure Holidays.


Bring your own or go with Solosports Aventure Holidays.


Punta San Carlos offers world class surfing, SUPing, a hundred miles of mountain bike trails, kayaking, hiking and fishing as well as tons of cultural attractions, like petroglyphs, rock art, solstice sites, and remains of past inhabitants.

CAPTION | A one-stop-shop for full-on adventure!

ALL PHOTOS – Clark Merritt / SoloSports


San Diego’s Lindbergh Field is the closest commercial airport, roughly nine hours drive away (or a quick plane ride with Solosports Adventure Holidays).

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Region: Mexico

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