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Crisp white beaches, blue water so crystal-clear that it looks like the boats are floating in the air - Union Island is heaven on earth and the perfect place to keep your non-kiting partner happy while you enjoy insane kiteboarding conditions. Incredibly charming, Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen were lured to set up their first kiting centre on Union Island after travelling the world. The Pirates of the Caribbean I and II were filmed in the Grenadines and Union Island is fast becoming the ultimate playground for any water sport lovers.


Union Island has several spots, but the main spot is the beach by the Anchorage Yacht Club where The JT Pro Centre - the only kite centre in The Grenadines - is located. The lagoon is surrounded by a reef, making the water flat on the inside with waves on the outside. The wind blows onshore here so you need to be able to kite upwind well, or you can use the services of the kite school. Kickers and sliders are being built in front of the centre.

At Frigate the wind blows offshore over the walkway of an unused marina project, creating perfectly flat water. As the wind blows offshore you do need a rescue boat on-hand and the JT Pro Center offer day tours to Frigate.

Union and surrounding islands also have fantastic wave spots. Amazing day tours and down winders through immense blue lagoons is a must!


The windy season starts in December and lasts through June with the strongest wind January - March. Average wind strengths are 15 - 22 knots throughout the season, but the best waves are during winter, December - April with the north swells from the Atlantic. The year-round average temperature is an amazing 30°C / 86°F. Usually just a T-shirt and shorts are fine. The temperature rarely drops below 26°C / 79°F. No wetsuit needed with annual water temps averaging 28°C / 82°F. Lovely.


Most things are within walking distance on Union Island. The airport is located just behind the Anchorage Yacht Club hotel/kite spot - a five minute walk away. Getting to the center from the kite spot will also take a five minute stroll, leading you past several nice restaurants/bars on the way. You will not need to hire a car on Union island.
Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars (XCD): £1 = 4.2XCD / €1 = 3.7XCD / $1 = 2.7XCD

US Dollars and Euros are accepted in some places, but you're better to change into East Caribbean Dollars, which you can do in several businesses, hotels or the bank.


There's lots of luxury accommodation on Union, including the beach front accommodation at the Anchorage Yacht Club right on the kite spot, which has now been taken over by kiters, refurbished and turned into a real kite hotel and is offered on the JT Center website. There's also a private island resort as well as guesthouses.


On Union there are two villages, Clifton and Ashton. The JT Pro Center is situated in the main town of Clifton. Everything is within walking distance from the kite spot - hotels, guesthouses and restaurants for all budgets, offering pizza/pasta to local BBQ chicken and fresh fish. Clifton also has grocery shops, a pharmacy, chilled reggae bars and two small 'dancehall' night clubs.


There are a few nice waves around, both for beginners and experienced surfers to surf or SUP on. Spanish mackerel, blue marlin and yellow fin tuna are just a few of the delicious fish commonly caught on deep sea fishing trips. There are some stunning dive options around Union and several day tours on sailing boats/catamarans taking you snorkelling with turtles. Back onboard sip rum and eat delicious local dishes. The beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make a week or two's sun bathing pleasurable enough on its own. Alternatively, hike up to the Tobago Cays Marin Park or visit Happy Island, a little bar on an island built on conch shell in the middle of the lagoon where you can watch the sun set.

Photo of Grenadines  Photo of Grenadines 


The easiest way to fly to Union Island is through Barbados (BGI). Daily flights to Union with SVG Air and Mustique Airways - and You will not find these airlines on flight search engines. The JT Pro Center website has a list of other options from other islands.

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Region: Central America & Caribbean

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