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Head to Mexico's largest island and you'll kite on some of the purest waters in the world. You will always find a nice spot to launch and land your kite and most importantly you'll be able to ride for hours on secluded beaches just 15 minutes from downtown Cozumel. The only place you can't really ride are the water hazards on the golf courses! There's open ocean riding, where you'll find waves, or butter-flat riding in the lagoons.


Various areas can be ridden but the most popular launch area is the Country Club beach which sets the standard for the typical northeast winds. Hurricane Wilma actually made this beach wider by pushing a few tons of white sand up onto the coast. Currents flow south in the shallow cloudy waters next to the beach. There is a very visible colour change line where the water color turns deep blue. Here, the currents flow north. Found along the entire northern Cozumel bank are a series of flat water lagoons. Protected by small islands and sandbars, these are the main ingredient to an epic session. On a strong NE, you can start at Passion Island with flat water, then head west, around Cozumel's point and downwind it to the country club!


Dominant wind direction is from the east most of the year.


Expect water temperatures in the mid 70s (23°C+) in winter and 80s (26°C+) in summer.


Off the beach there's plenty to see and do for families, honeymooners or groups of kiters and accommodation to fit any budget, from smaller boutique hotels to privately owned beach-front apartments and large five star properties. Cozumel is also known for world-class diving and snorkeling, extensive high-end shopping, excellent party spots, amazing dune buggy tours, historic Mayan ruins, crazy jungle tours and some of the best fishing available in the tropics. Loads of good food and drinking hole options. However, the cost can really go up if you start drinking the water, so stick to the beer!


The Aeropuerto Internacional de Cozumel (CZM) - Cozumel's only airport, is three kilometres north of San Miguel. Taxis to the airport cost between $10 and $30 from the hotel zones and approximately $5 from downtown.


With so many spots to ride you can hire a buggy or sign up with a school who can transfer you.


- Exploring Mayan ruins
- Exotic sea creatures
- Shopping, wining and dining

Riders who have included Cozumel as one of their Top Places to Ride are:
Angela Peral, Jalou Langeree, Jo Wilson, Mallory De la Villemarqué, Niccolo Porcella, Nick Jacobsen, Sigve Botnen, Youri Zoon




Added: 2007-07-18

Region: Mexico

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