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La Ventana is one of the most consistently windy places you'll find anywhere in the world during its windy season. The conditions are ideal for both kiteboarding and windsurfing as the mountains funnel the wind off the Sea of Cortez into LaVentana Bay, south of which lies a big, hot valley that sucks the wind in. The combination of local thermal wind, the frequent 'El Norte' wind and the venturi effect from the surrounding mountains, make La Ventana a good bet for November through April winds. La Ventana is all about clean wind and a low key feel, providing a comfortable, authentic Baja experience


The bay is huge with windy, sandy beaches, warm air and clear water. The recent surge in kiteboarding has found its way south to Baja. Being surrounded by sandy unpopulated beaches makes for an ideal place to learn or play and explains why so many find so much fun here. There are no crowds to worry about and with a steady cross-shore wind you have the perfect kiteboarding conditions and everything else you could want for a relaxing kiteboarding holiday.


Flat water, choppy ramps and waves are all conditions you can enjoy here. Water temperatures are around 20°C / 70°F during the winter, but because of the wind, a full wetsuit (3/2 or 4/3) is generally recommended. For the summer months, from March to November, a shortie is more than enough. November to April the wind usually blows daily from 11am - 5pm at 15-20 knots. It's relaxed kiting weather here, which is why you'll see so many camper vans with old surf dudes who've come to see out a few days in a way we all hope we can.


La Ventana is 35 minutes south of the airport in La Paz (LAP). You're best off renting a truck or offroad vehicle. Once you've got wheels it's very easy to get around and there is a really good selection of family run shops and restaurants as well as many local eateries and bars. There are four convenience stores within walking distance, selling food and drinks, bottled water, fresh produce and liquor. Prices are very reasonable in La Ventana. American cash is accepted, but no credit cards or traveller's cheques. Most restaurants serve tacos (beef, chicken, fish and shrimp), burgers and very fresh seafood entrees (shrimp, clams, dorado, snapper, cabrilla etc.) for dinner. Service is slow by most standards but the food is usually worth the wait, so relax and enjoy your drink - you're on Baja Time! La Ventana is getting more and more popular with wind junkies from all over the world, so if you want to get away a bit, then stay at Captain Kirk's place a quarter of a mile upwind from the crowds at the first resort and windsport school founded there in 1993. La Ventana now has five other resorts, so there's plenty of choice.


There are plenty of other physical and not-so-strenuous activities to busy your days with, such as boat tours and fishing trips (fishing is huge here!), diving and snorkelling, kayak rentals, horse riding, bike tours and rentals, volleyball, yoga, hiking, day trip excursions, whale watching and some sport called windsurfing.


Added: 2009-06-24

Region: Mexico

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