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Western Australia offers everything; the flattest of flat water spots, isolated riding, immense downwinders and world class waves. The winds here can be some of the most consistent in the world when the infamous Fremantle Doctor kicks in. Being home to Perth, the most isolated city in the world, WA has a unique character and is still the road less travelled by many visiting Australia.


There are numerous beaches to chose from within an hours drive of Perth. Heading south Safety Bay is great for learning to kitesurf as there aren't too many swimmers and boats. The bay is next to a sandbar so is sheltered from the wind chop with waist deep water for several metres, getting to about four metres deep out at the islands. In a south or south westerly sea breeze the spot gets a perfect cross shore wind from the left. The conditions make the spot awesome for beginners and intermediates as well as for advanced freestyle riders. There are no waves here.

Close to Perth is Hillary's with a wide sandy beach sheltered from the swell by the outer reefs two kilometres from the beach. The beach gets clean winds and works from the south through west to northerly. Two kilometres downwind there is a beach with small to medium waves. Hillary's works for all levels of rider from beginner to advanced with deep water, no shore break, no obstacles and clean winds. Although it is pretty flat it can get wind chop over 20 knots depending on wind direction.

Another favourite about 40 minutes from Perth is Woodmans Point. The spit creates 3 beaches each with its own tyoe of riding. Beach 1 with onshore winds and fun waves to play in, sideshore beach 2 and cross offshore and freestyle heaven in the glass smooth section of shallow water at beach 3. Watch out what you leave on view in your car at Woodies though.

Closer to town locals enjoy afterwork downwinders from Cottesloe or City Beach to Scarborough or a quick session on the Swan River. With so many great spots along the WA coast to explore including Cervantes, Denham, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Exmouth, Margaret River, Esperance and Albany. Perth is the perfect place to start a few weeks or months on the road!


Air temps can vary from 24 degrees to 36 degrees C. Usually around 28 to 30°C.


Water is usually around 20 degrees but varies throughout the season from 19 to 21.


Perth is a large modern city with anything and everything to do! Fremantle, Cottesloe and Scarborough are popular areas and will give you plenty of choice of places to stay and drink.

Note that Australia doesn't operate the same free camping policies as New Zealand and you may find a Ranger moving you on or even fining you if you choose to sleep in your van or car in some places.


Car, van, ute, campervan are the way to go. If you are looking to access more remote areas a 4 x 4 is strongly advised and be sure to carry what you need.


- World heritage Coral Bay.
- The pinnicles in Cervantes.
- A little time in the outback.

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Riders who have included Perth as one of their Top Places to Ride are:Dimitri Maramenides, Niccolo' Porcella





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Region: Australia

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