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A perfect combination of cross-shore winds, flat water in the lagoon plus waves on the reef, make this a brilliant spot for beginner, intermediate and advanced level kiters. Whether it's a relaxing or challenging holiday you're after, the kiting is sublime here, plus Kenya offers so many more new experiences off-the-water.


With a dominant cross-shore wind, Mombasa Beach and Nyali Beach are ideal for learning to kite safely and to ride with ease, as well as offering the wave head plenty of opportunity to bang in the turns down-the-line on the waves out on the reef. Home to the widest stretch of beach on the north coast there's plenty of room for riders at all levels. The beach slopes away at a gentle angle and the depth depends on the tide, but at Nyali there is almost always water, apart from very low spring tides (unlike elsewhere on the north coast strip). At neap tide it's just under a metre deep off the beach, getting progressively deeper until 150 metres out, where it drops down to around six metres within the channel before the reef. Bigger swells at high tide and butter flat water at lower or neap tides make for perfect progression or freestyle sessions. Small to large waves can be found on the inner and outer reef break sections which run along the whole coast line at varying distances from the beach. At Nyali the reef is just under a kilometre out, meaning there's plenty of flat water to play with on the inside, but the waves are not too far off either. There are also buoy marker lines to help indicate the launching, landing zones kite parking and pack-down zones and rescue support on hand for safety.


The trade winds blow consistently cross-on shore at varying strengths throughout the year. Mid-December - April the wind is a northeasterly, known as the Kaskazi wind. The southeasterly Kusi winds start at the end of May, just after the rainy season, and continue right up to October. The Indian Ocean waters average 24 - 26°C/75 - 79°F. The water temperature can peak at 28°C / 82°F and the air temperature touches a max of 36°C / 96°F - so no wetsuit needed! November into December and then May tend to be the only parts of the year where kiting isn't possible as the seasons change over.


Being Africa, there is an evident poverty divide, so don't wear obvious and expensive looking jewellery and keep your passports and money securely locked away. A mosquito net to sleep under at night is vital. Taxis are cheap and there is no fixed bus service. It's just a five or ten minute ride to several restaurants, clubs and bars and supermarkets.
Currency: Kenya Shilling (KES) - £1 = KES120 / €1 = KES108 / US$1 = KES88


Accommodation options include everything from budget backpackers to exclusive resorts, however Airborne's on-site accommodation offers a central location with sea-view rooms at a great price. This option also means you are onsite at the kite school and are a part of the super friendly and social atmosphere of the kite base. Various fun kite events are organised as well as other on and off water activities.


As Mombasa is so close you are spoilt for choice in terms of where to eat, from rustic and authentic to sushi, Chinese, Indian and seafood restaurants for all budgets. As the night goes on the nightclubbing can be full on or laid back; you decide. There are also several supermarkets in the area that stock all your home comforts.


No hassle! Nyali offers fantastic adventures. It would be impossible to go to Kenya without at least considering a visit to the legendary wildlife reserves. In particular, you shouldn't miss rainforest treks, the Haller national park where you can feed the hippos, crocs and giraffes, and more locally the old town of Mombasa oozes with historical delights. There are also many more 'modern' activities, such as go-karting, paintball, buggy rallying, bowling alleys and a cinema. If you can't stay out of the warm water, then grab some snorkelling gear or do a PADI diving course and inspect the reef.


Mombasa's Moi International Airport (MBA/HKMO) is just a 20-30 minute transfer to our base in Nyali. Pick-up services can be arranged upon booking through us. 



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Region: Kenya

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