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The shallow, flat waters and cheap package deals mean that this has long been a favourite with kiters throughout Europe and Egypt's original kite spot has grown into the Red Sea's most popular kiting destination. Everyone from Hadlow to Shinn have been here for photo shoots and training and the area is brimming with hotels and the town hosts many bars and clubs. Year-round wind and sun only add to Hurghada's broad appeal.


Located between the Jasmin Village and Grand Seas hotels is an 800 metre long sandy beach offering lots of space to launch kites. The kitesurfing here really is good for learning and it's easy to see why it has been so popular for so long, ticking all the right boxes for those wanting concentrated time spent improving: easy travel, warm water, plenty of regular wind, flat water and lots of facilities for an easy holiday. The water depth gradually drops away and the beginner area on the inside is roughly the size of a football field and about half a metre deep. Beyond that there's another dropoff to about one-and-a-half metres. Roughly 400 metres from the shoreline the water shelves into the open sea. The areas are tidal and create differences of about half a metre. In extreme low tides beginners move into the slightly deeper areas between the shallows and the open sea. Find all you need at the TOMMY FRIEDL PRO CENTRE on-site. They just celebrated their 25 years in Hurghada and to celebrate hosted THIS EVENT.


The wind comes in cross/cross-onshore from the left (north), averaging forces four to six most of the year with the most consistent months for wind being March - September. Air temperatures can get up to 40°C / 104°F between those months in the summer, dropping to a lovely 23°C / 73°F in winter. October - April is low season, but there's still a 60% chance of wind, although it can be changeable in direction, coming totally on- or offshore for a few days a time, but the prevailing direction is still from the north. Expect water temperatures in the mid-twenties most of the year. Wetsuits are recommended in the winter months and the evenings can become cool enough for a hoody/jumper.


The kite spots are just a five minute taxi from the town centre. Car hire isn't recommended as the Egyptian driving style takes some getting used to and taxis and mini-buses are plentiful. You'll never have to wait more than five minutes for either. If you're here for kiting, you're more than likely to stay in a hotel that's close enough to the beach to not need a hire car anyway.Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP) - £1 = EGP10 / €1 = EGP8 / US$1 = EGP6. Sterling, US dollars and Euros are accepted everywhere, as are most major credit cards


There are loads of hotels suiting all budgets with great packages from Europe. Excellent childcare facilities in some allow you more time on the water. You may not find everything in town to your taste, but it's all here.


Hurghada is the biggest and liveliest of the Red Sea resorts. If you can't eat it, drink it or dance to it here, they probably don't have it in Egypt.


Click HERE for shops and schools in Hurghada or click on the tab above


This may be the original epicentre of kiteboarding in Egypt, but it's packed with lots of other tourist activities plus wakeboarding and of course the Red Sea has wonderful diving. Head to the Valley of the Kings to see the underground tombs and ancient artwork. Trips to Luxor also easily organised.


Hurghada (HRG) is about a ten minute transfer to town. Taxis are fairly cheap and extremely plentiful.

Riders who have included Hurghada as one of their Top Places to Ride are
: Angela Peral, Jo Wilson, Sky Solbach

Added: 2007-07-18

Region: Egypt

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