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Wetsuits Guide DAKINE:
A lot of people wear rash guards under their suit to stop irritation. They can also be worn on their own to offer protection from the sun on super-hot days, but as they come in a variety of thicknesses, can also be a cheap option for adding warmth. The Neo Insulator is slightly thicker than an average rash guard. Made with 8oz. lycra and a 1.5 mm layer of neoprene, it will help you stay in the water a little longer on those chilly days. It features seamless stitch underarms to prevent irritation from rubbing and a centre back-bottom hem zipper for easy on and off removal. The Neo Insulator offers SPF40+ sun protection and is available in both short and long sleeve styles.

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide
The Cure wetsuit is Mystic's top-of-the-range suit and is made of 100% flexible closed cell Trispan neoprene that is 100% taped. It features a chest panel of Flame glide skin, durable water repellent finish on double-lined neoprene, pre-curved arms and many other 'unique selling points'.
Available in five different versions from 6/3mm to 3/2mm and in black or white and a full size range.

There's a rather famous kiter from Holland called Ruben Lenten. He's quite good and likes to ride hard. Here's what he reckons on this suit: 'Of course comfort and warmth are important, but the most important thing is the combination of flex and support in different areas to get a performance driven wetsuit. For example, the leg and shin bone sections are made of different materials and fitted with enhanced protection to keep it supportive.' The Crossfire comes with glued and blind-stitched seams, TRI Span and DURA Span neoprene and is available in black or white and a full size range.



The C2 is double lined but has excellent thermal protection due to a unique water repellent coating. Extra stretchy leg panels make for easy entry and detachable Velcro ankle straps for a 100% water block. A dual layer of Airflex in the upper back optimises warmth without limiting flex. Available in a variety of versions and sizes and thicknesses from 5/3 to 3/2. Colours: Black / gold or brown / gold.
The fifth generation Evo showcases Prolimit's panel optimisation design, offering maximum flexibility and warmth. It features an innovative Waterblock vest that wraps around the chest and back for more material thickness in this area. Airflex lined neoprene also ensure flexibility and reduction in wind chill. Available in a range of sizes and options, from 6/5 hooded steamer through to the 3/2 steamer shorty, pictured here. Colour range: Black / red



X-ZIP 2 3/2MM
Xcel's award winner has a classic front zip now upgraded to an interlocking (semi-dry) zip system.
Having minimal seams with fusion stretch tape and pre-bent arms and legs, this suit includes all the features that make the Infiniti series an award winner by combining warmth, flexibility, comfort and fit. Constructed from up to 300% ultra-stretch, super-soft and ultra-light material with built in thermo barrier in the upper body chest and back panels. Available in all sizes and assorted colours.

Helps you last that little bit longer and in a little bit colder! The Drylock differs from the X-Zip 2 in that it has a closed side 100% dry zipper, an extended thermo barrier to the knees and the added wrist seal feature. Warm, warm, warm! Available in all sizes and assorted colours.
Warmer lined and now eco-friendly. According to Xcel, this is by far the most significantly improved suit in the Xcel line-up. Wind energy is used to make this suit and the by-product (heat) is used for aqua farming. It's made using limestone derived neoprene with a bamboo infused thermo barrier extending to the knees. A long sleeved short legged version is also available and is a fantastic alternative for the planet conscious surfer. This is the inside-out short sleeve Infiniti 3/2 showing the Bamboo lining (thermo barrier). Available in all sizes and assorted colours.

The Strike series is a high-quality and extremely robust set of wetsuits with a progressive look and style, featuring more of a double-lined jersey for the best flex and abrasion resistance. Main features include: protection panels in all stress areas to protect the rider; fully glued and blind-stitched .
for water sealing; easy entry; excellent drain holes to release any water; detachable Velcro leg loop, Velcro fix neck and SealTite neck and wrist Velcro closures. Available in a range of styles, thicknesses and sizes


Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide

Wetsuits Guide
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