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Tactical Engagement - The Carving Gybe

Top UK racer and KSP World Wave Tour competitor, Lee Harvey from Cornwall, talks you through the basic skills needed for a smooth, fast downwind gybe.

Tactical Engagement - The

Technique - Frontside Air

Banging a strapless aerial into your repertoire is all the rage at the moment. Practicing them off fun little waves like this one is something we all have the opportunity to do

Technique - Frontside Air

Shuvit Reverse 360

INTRO ? Kiteboarding should be revelling in a snug blanket of glory as it welcomes in a melting pot of diverse influences from other sports. The future is now with 'surf' moves like this in the mix. John Amundson introduces his sh...

Shuvit Reverse 360

Getting Used to a Surfboard

Neal Gent with useful tips to help you get used to a riding directional

Getting Used to a Surfboa

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