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Where: Between Feet
Style: Bone The Nose
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: Skateboarding

In 1985, Hawk, Mullen and Mountain were on a skate summer camp in Stockholm, Sweden, when Tony started trying a new grab: backhand, heel edge with the arm around the back leg. To quote from Occupation: Skateboarder: 'At the time, almost every grab was done and defined. The only way that hadn't was to grab with your back hand around your back leg and between your heels. It takes more effort to reach back there, so spinning moves are a little harder'. As for the name itself, it was kinda accidental. Each day Tony would scribble down notes in his journal with cryptic descriptions of the day's events, tricks done, what they had for dinner, and so on. A fellow camper was reading the journal one day and saw the word 'Stalefish' in there and asked what it was and if it was that weird grab he had been doing. Being that Hawk didn't have a name for it at the time, he said yes and the name stuck. In reality, 'Stalefish' was referring to what they'd had for dinner ? literally a whole cooked fish in a tin ? and by the time the tinned meals had reached the skate camp, they were all stale. 'Nobody ate it ? not even the Swedes,' recounted Hawk.

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Technique

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