Where: Between Feet
Style: There Isn't Any
Difficulty: Easy
Origin: Skateboarding
The Tindy's brother, but grabbed on the other side!
Your back hand grabs just behind your back binding on your heel edge.
Thanks to Tom Court for the action and Susi Mai for capturing it.
The Indy dates back to 1970's skateboarding. It's so old, no one knows why it is called an Indy.

Indy grab is one of the easiest you can do. It's pretty easy to grab the board but if you make it a little bit harder it can look really good. You can do it hooked in or unhooked which is a little bit harder.

The best thing is to pop with your kite at 45?. Now you have to grab your board as fast as you can so you'll hold it more time. To grab it you have to stretch you hand as much as you can to the middle and the front of the board and flex your knees the less as possible in order to make it look better. The most you hold it, the better it will look.

You can also incorporate this grab to other tricks like front rolls, back rolls to blind, front mobes, slim chances etc

- Alex Pastor (Naish, ION)

Quoting from Onboard Snowboard Mag:
'Its uncertain origin, as well as the misuse of its name, can best be described by the email sent by my colleague, English editor Tom Copsey. "I couldn't find out where Indy got its name. Scalp mentioned it was something to do with (in skateboarding) the way you went round in the air coming out of the vert ramp looking like how the cars go round the Indy 500 car race thingy. I dunno. Though remember, an Indy can only be done on the backside wall of the pipe. On the frontside wall it's just a frontside air. So an Indy really is only a backside trick but snowboarding has bastardised the language (like the Americans did to the Queen's English) as to mean grabbing with the back hand between the bindings for spins and shit. Though trick Nazis will still slaughter innocents who call a frontside air in the snowboard halfpipe a frontside Indy."'
This trick is done with your back hand between your feet on your toe edge. Usually boning out the nose.

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Technique

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