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INTRO - Kitesurfing is a combination of power kite flying, windsurfing, paragliding and wakeboarding. The sport needs a good grounding in the use of power kite flying skills. The best locations for kite surfing have a combination of good open beaches and excellent windy weather, preferably cross shore! The best way to start is by having a lesson (or several). You could help yourself by learning how to control a power kite first. This will mean that your lesson can be more about learning kitesurfing rather than learning how to fly a kite.
The following articles are all magazine features and should help you on your way to becoming a confident, safe and regular kitesurfing.

If you fancy your hand at this kiting lark, but are unsure what you'll need, or are a bit anxious about what it all entails, then look no further. We've assembled a wealth of information from shop owners, instructors and manufacturers from around the world to bring you the ultimate five minute guide to the essentials you'll need to get out on the water as safely and as quickly as possible.
If you've ever had a go at water-skiing or wakeboarding you'll know how quickly you get tired from trying to hold on to a powerful boat as it seemingly attempts to ditch you off the end of the rope. The harness is a indispensable secret weapon that people don't appreciate when they first watch kiteboarding.
Water is lovely, soft and liquid-ey... but hit it with any velocity and it soon feels a good deal harder. An impact jacket/vest is another vital bit of kit for your early sessions, providing protection for your chest and back, but also carrying an extra level of buoyancy, making floating and reaching down to get your board on your feet during a board-start much easier.
Don't let the cold water stop you from amassing more moves than you can shake a donkeys windpipe at! Get some new rubber and you'll stay warm and perform better... plus if you play your cards right you could look the coolest cat on the beach!
The water can be cold. The bad news is you'll have to get used to it, just like getting used to the fact that you'll be in it a lot - especially when learning. The good news is that the wetsuits of today can fool you into thinking you're riding in the balmy waters of the Caribbean... even if you are in Bognor.
Top tips from the guys who know best. You'll need a board and a kite first and foremost in this sport but with so many on the market promising this, that, and the other, how can you know which ones will benefit you most?! Read on and the answers will reveal themselves in a cloud of invisible smoke...
Home help ideas to wrap your eyes and ears around between sessions. We have a host of kiting instructional DVD's and books in the KW Shop so make sure you check it out to find out more information on each product.
The butterflies will be fluttering rampantly around your stomach from nervous excitement when you turn up to the beach for your first session on your own. The general rules for a safe session are the same wherever you are in the world though. We talked to the instructors at Bracklesham Boardriders in the UK and Air Padre in Texas, USA to get their best advice for turning up to a new spot to ride for the first time.
With the inventions of bow kites and modern day safety systems, kiteboarding is much safer than it used to be. There are still some sensible precautions to follow to avoid injury to yourself and others. Read them here...
The location you choose to learn to kitesurf is extremely important. Beaches with flat, shallow water and steady cross-shore winds are fantastic for learning. Here at KW we have a host of info to help you out, from our Online Travel Guide, our Directory Listings, and of course this handy overview of it all.
It's almost time for you to hit the water and get shredding while of course looking uber cool in your wetsuit, feeling like Rambo in your impact vest, and sounding like it's all second nature to you with frequent use of words like 'nukin.' Before you run out the door though, have a quick glance over our check list for some last minute extra info crammed all in one handy place... then you can run out the door.

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