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Exercises to toughen you up for Kiting


INTRO – Dr. Sarah Ellis and Lars Rousing Jørgensen are back to help toughen you up for kitesurfing. This issue Sarah limbers you up for dealing with the board control challenges of riding a strapless surfboard, while Lars focuses on increasing the power in your bar to hip movements when unhooked

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WORDS – Dr. Sarah Ellis

Kiting with a strapless surfboard requires a slightly different muscle balance. Going upwind on a surfboard with straps is a bit easier because you can lean back and use the straps as leverage. Without straps for leverage, the hamstrings have to work twice as hard to keep the board pointing up wind. I don’t know about you, but I want to spend as little time as possible trekking back upwind and as much time as possible turning down-the-line!
Try these exercises to help gain a boost of hamstring strength. 

Exercise Points:
- Keep your shoulders back and down
- Engage your glutes to support your hamstrings
- Always keep your stomach tight

When the double leg is easy, try advancing to single leg. 


If you feel a little unstable riding strapless, try this exercise to help boost knee stability. Increasing your knee stability decreases your chance of injury.

Exercise Points:
- Keep your stomach tight
- Focus on bending and straightening the knee with control
- Take knee to straight but not to a locked back position
- Keep 75% of your body weight on the leg you are working
- Secure the band to anything available, or just close the end in a doorway to hold for resistance

OUTRO – Dr. Sarah Ellis is a team rider for the Air Company and author of The Workout and Nutrition Guide for Kiteboarders. Find her at: www.perfectlyfitonline.com

WORDS -  Lars Rousing Jørgensen

The 'Floor Wiper Pull Over' is a highly specific unhooked exercise and is all about creating power in the bar to hip movement and initiating rotations. It will help you handle more power in unhooked tricks and rotate faster, which means more power in your passes, and faster passes.

- Good warm-ups for this exercise would be three sets of ten pushups, 30 seconds of arm swings for each arm in both directions and three sets of ten abdominal crunches. That should warm up all the relevant muscles and the shoulder joint.

- Start in a fully stretched position and bring your legs and arms up at the same time. Start to twist almost at the beginning and let your feet meet the opposite side of the bar as the pictures show.

- Lower back down again and start over. Do eight to ten repetitions three or four times.

- You should start doing the exercise slowly, just to get used to the small twist, so you can keep your balance. Once you get familiar with it, do the exercise explosively and with as much power as possible. You can add weight to the bar and make it even harder. The harder it is, the more power you get out of it.

- It's very important not to arch your back though, other than that it's pretty simple. You can adjust how tough the exercise is by stretching your body out. If you want it lighter, you should keep your shoulders and legs at a tight angle, like 25 degrees above the floor.

OUTRO – Lars is a personal trainer, specialising in rehab, posture and sports-specific training. Coaching in Denmark and Sweden, he also runs: www.kiteboardingexercises.com


This feature is taken from Issue #56 - SUBSCRIBE TO KITEWORLD MAG


Added: 2014-01-12

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