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Current and four-time world champion, Aaron Hadlow, and two time world champion, Mark Shinn are the guest editors of issue 30 of Kiteworld magazine, which is out now. The editorial team got together with these two British legends in Tenerife to bash heads and come up with a suitable plot to mark the first time this concept has ever been done in the kiteboarding media.

Featuring in the issue will be a look back over the careers of these two riders so far, their influences from the beginning and putting to bed any rivalries that cropped up in competition along the way. They will also reveal some insights into what has and does go on behind the scenes of being a professional kiteboarder at the top of their game and they will reveal their true heroes and villains in the sport.

Also featuring is an eyeball-blistering barrel-fest of photography from John Bilderback. The stalwart of surf photography has once again dragged his newly formed kite troop off to Indonesia in search of the ultimate kite barrel. And they scored it to perfection. The last few years haven't really knocked out the goods, 2007 however saw the best action yet, and Kiteworld has the exclusive shots. Commentary and perspectives on the action comes from Mark and Aaron as well as the riders who were there.

Kiteworld issue 30 also contains travel guides to Cape Hatteras, Egypt and also uncovers the committed riders of the Swedish scene, where conditions, when they're on, will give you more reasons to go than just a naked sauna session.

Technique-wise, there's the usual pile of gut busting drama. Aaron Hadlow gives a masterclass to getting your head round learning powered wake-style progression, a can of worms labelled 'Understanding Weather' is opened and the hop to toe-side and the heel-side carve are suitably broken down into bite-size morsels.

On test this issue are the Flexifoil Atom2, Airush Flow, Slingshot Rev, Naish Alliance kites and more...

And that's just for starters. Issue 29 of Kiteworld was the biggest kitesurfing magazine ever printed...and issue 30 is a suitable follow-up with the first ever guest editor's issue!

GET MORE ON KITEWORLD.TV The guest editors show their wares! Mark Shinn gives you a personal tour of his surfboard range, picking out the differences in feel and design between each shape, and recommends the shapes that will be right for you.

Aaron Hadlow launches his latest action web movie to exactly why he's been untouchable as world champion for the last four years.

Plus much, much more!

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