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Issue 25 has been released from its shackles. We've tried to get as much content together to keep your tortured, cold bodies still yearning for more throughout these cold winter months, though, and the mag will be as thick as you've grown accustomed to over the whole year.

We've got technique features for every discipline lined up for you to mind ride. Whether your next goal is set in the waves, in the air or on the snow, we can stoke your every burning desire with some hard knowledge for you to swat up on during these long nights.

But if you just can't handle it any more and you need to get away we're also bringing you a ten ideal venue suggestions that will be ripe for the next few months.

Vietnam has been cropping up on the old kite radar a lot in recent years. Ozone have even based their whole R & D and manufacturing process out there and get to do a ridiculously regular amount of testing. You should check out the wind statistics from recent years on the internet, it's a joke. Solid force fives and sixes kiting in boardies and bright sunshine every single day for months. You just can't go wrong. We'll be bringing you all the information you need to plan your escape with views and pointers from experienced locals as well as pros and regular, passionate visitors.

After a slow and steady start, snowkiting is now growing faster than a zit of a first date. In the States its charging as much as anywhere with vast, wind-whipped snowfield expanses just waiting to be tracked out. Utah comes out on top as a favourite area for many riders and we talk to long time local and snowkite veteran Brian Schenck who guides us through some of his favourite spots. There's a lot to get through, too!

Will James has been part of kiteboarding's furniture since before most of us can remember. He dropped into the office recently on his way around the globe and to spill the beans on his last six years in the sport. We take a look back at the styles and riders that have come and gone, he gives his insider's opinion on the future of the sport and opens our minds to how we can begin to achieve a solid, vertical approach to ripping in waves.

And in the midst of scrambling all that together we managed to grab some of the latest kit and head over to Tenerife. In issue 25 we bring you the latest wave twin-tips that will tempt you into your tatty 5/4 wetty, safe in the knowledge that you can take on these winter swells and won't have to learn to gybe the critters under your feet. In the following issues we will be drip feeding you with all the filth on the kites with the help of guest tester, Mark Shinn, as well as providing you with all you need to know about boards for '07.

Plus lots, lots more to feast your mind's eye on. For some reason naked kitesurfing seems to have taken off recently. But don't worry, there's not too much of that.


SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Will James has learnt a thing or two about being a professional beach bum over the six years he's spent riding at the top level. Here he lets us into a few secrets and remembers some of his favourite moments

“IF I SAY IT'S SAFE TO SURF THIS BEACH CAPTAIN, THEN IT'S SAFE TO SURF THIS BEACH!”: Alex Webb brings you a guide to Mui Ne, Vietnam

ALL ALONG THE WASATCH: Y'all into snowkiting should head to Utah. Brian Schenck is the guide of choice

RIPE ‘N’ READY:Our network of spies on wind watch serve up eight suggestions of spots around the world to head to right now!

RETURN OF THE MUTANT?: This wave twin-tip review is the first of our Kiteworld Buyer's Guides for 2007

TURN AND FACE: Gybe talking. In the first in a series dedicated to making you better wave riders, Neal Gent introduces the toe-side start and surfboard gybe

MOTOR DRIVE: It's cold and most of us are in gloves, so we're going easy on the hands and staying hooked-in this issue with the toe-side indy grab, back loop transition and rodeo 720

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