Issue #22

Issue #22


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Issue 22 will see the start of a new, bigger, bolder and more focussed Motor Drive technique section. Now don’t scoff, but we’re gonna get you forward looping to blind before you can say ‘you Kiteworld fellas must be off ya rockers!’ We’ve broken the move down into four logical and manageable steps…and will be dealing with the stages on both water and land. If you want to step it up and learn everything in between, it’s not to be missed.

Also, the test team are hopping on a private jet and zipping across the Channel to northern France to test more of the kit that didn’t quite make it off the production line for last issue’s monster review.

On top of that we take a look behind the scenes of what goes into your equipment, how it’s designed and made, and what you can do yourselves to make it perform better for you.

Plus all the usual characters, news, reviews, tips and gob-smackingly good photography.


FEEL THE LOVE: Three ex-pats from the north of England are behind some of the best equipment in kiteboarding. In Feel the Love we go on a design journey and discover what kit we should be looking out for in the future

NOT JUST ANOTHER BATCH: We ride three of the hottest kites for this year; the North Vegas, Flexifoil Ion and Ozone Instinct

LIVING FOR THE WEEKEND: A little something for the weekend sir? The Nobile skimboard will change the way you look at light wind. We test it, and Mark Shinn offers the technique service

HITS: "Surfing really is like the blues or punk rock: it uses the same three chords over and over; personal style sets off similar riffs, and each generation and each sport claim it as their own." Jeff Pfeffer waxes lyrical on where we're at on surfing's high performance scale. Performances come from Pivec, Wilson and Stephens

MOTOR DRIVE'S PROJECT: FRONT TO BLIND: This issue we begin a new series for Motor Drive in which we tear away the layers of a complex move and present it to you in its bare bones. Here we guide you towards the front to blind, various grabs and front grabs

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