Issue #53

Issue #53


In issue #53 we expose the full glory of kitesurfing around Cape Town in South Africa. There's a reason (actually, there are many!) why so many pros and amateur riders head there in the European winter time. The weather is fantastic, the scenery is some of the most stunning on the planet, but for us, as kitesurfers, it's the dozens of world-class spots and phenomenal wind stats that make it such a wind sport heaven. We talk to the locals, the pros and the bros on the beach to get their top tips on making the most out of your trip to the Cape.

Hollywood isn't only filled with glamorous fame hungry wannabes it's also full of wind addled kitesurfers who make the most of the incredible coastline running north and south. Local kiter Jenna Hannon takes us beyond the surface sheen as we get under the skin of the scene, the conditions and the local characters.

Don Montague can be credited with so many brilliant design concepts that have helped forward our sport, mostly during his time as Naish's head kite designer, but can now be found doing some really exciting things looking to the future of sustainable wind power. We talk to one of kitesurfing's most important, core characters and try to get our head around some possible futures, in and out of the sport.

Plus, a handful of 2012 gear has already landed in the office. We get to grips with new offerings from Airush, Cabrinha, North and more to get your late summer season off on the best footing.

Crammed in elsewhere are the usual stunning images, travel and technique advice and comment, columns and headline news.

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