Issue #28

Issue #28


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Kiteworld issue 28 is gushing with the emotion of riding. The riders who have been working with one of the most outstanding watersports photographers that kiteboarding and surfing has within its ranks, John Bilderback tell of their experiences and we talk to JB and his wife, Alexis, about their year-long movie project and tease you with glimpses and tales from the Lines movie's world-wide sets so far.

Travel inspires emotion. When you first arrive on the island of Sal in the Cape Verdes, you're struck by its raw appearance but are soon swallowed up by the energy and welcoming nature of its inhabitants and left panting in its heat for more of the phenomenal riding experiences provided on every stretch of its coast. The Ozone team headed there in February and we illustrate their unqiue experiences through the lens of Christian Nerdrum and offer you insights into the real Sal through the people that live and work there.

School may now be out for summer, but our higher education clinics continue. The Motor Drive project looks at the prey and pull technique of the kite loop and we get opinions and tips from every rider's favourite king of the kite loop, Ruben Lenten. In the surf we cover a couple of surfboard tacks as well as strapped and strapless airs. Also wedging their way into class are tips for riding over-powered and the heel- to toe-side carve.

We get down with the kids and talk to four of the UK's brightest freestyle stars and a US teen who could finally represent on the PKRA podium this year.

Plus lots, lots more, including kite and board reviews and the ever-growing interest in GPS speed kiting.

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