Issue #68

Issue #68



Issue #68 is rammed with a stack of the most in-depth product tests taken from the Kiteworld test team's findings during their annual gear review sessions in the challenging waters of Cape Town. If there's a place to find a weakness or a star that shines, that is the venue. The test list this issue includes: Kites: CrazyFly Sculp, Liquid Force Envy, Genetrix Universe, Ocean Rodeo Razor, Naish Park, North Neo / Wave kites: Airush Wave, Best Cabo, Cabrinha Drifter, Ozone Reo, Peter Lynn Swell, RRD Obsession / Boards: Airush Apex, Slingshot Vision, CrazyFly Bulldozer and Shinn ADHD. The Cape Town test session findings continue in issue #69 in May.

Also coinciding with Cape Town travel was the Red Bull King of the Air event that took place on Sunday 2nd February. The organisers held their nerve in the tricky wind window to pick the windiest day seen in Cape Town in 2014 and we were treated to one of the best single day events ever in kiteboarding. More like the atmosphere of a football match than a kite comp, Kiteworld editor Jim was on the committee for the event and was also the Live Stream beach reporter, interviewing the riders as they came off the water after their heats. A privileged position, he reports his inside view on the event with comments from key players.

Elsewhere we have our regular stack of the best images from the best photographers, John Bilderback reveals the shots and inside story from the most unique of sessions that went down at Pipeline at the end of January, neuroscientist columnist Jason Gallate teaches you the importance of the art of 'Flow', Hadlow talks of a move he thought he'd never do again as he looks towards his first full shot at another world championship, Shinn looks at who the heck owns kiteboarding, we take a tour of Taiwan and much much more!

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