Issue #66

Issue #66


Kitesurfing as a sport seems to spend all its time teasing you. Whether you spend too much time glued to Windguru awaiting the light green squares to turn at least a darker green; or whether you find yourself absorbed by the constant bombardment on social media of pro riders' relentless posts from some crazy kiting destination or other; or you can't get away from gear manufacturers luring you in with their shiny new must-have wares... it's relentless.

This issue we attempt to separate the real wheat from the chaff as we spill stories from the most dream locations imaginable and include tales of incredible adventure in Alaska, Kenya, San Blas, French Polynesia, Egypt and more. Plus we have our indepth northern Brazil ride guide after compiling our very own analysis of a collection of spots that you really should know about from Paracuru all the way up to Barra Grande. Barra where? Oh you just wait we will reveal an absolute gem that few in the kiting world seem to know about. We've given it a good sampling, ridden the donkeys, eaten the fish, ripped the flat waters and tasted the beer... all in the name of research. There will be info on conditions at each spot, location info, how to get there, where to stay and colourful images and descriptions... not that these spots need the 'big sell'.

We will also have part two of our 2014 kite gear guide and we'll kick off our board over views as well. Elsewhere our team of acclaimed columnists are back with their unrivalled mix of kiting intellect and banter and we hand pick the finest shots from the stacks of submissions we get from the sport's top photographers for your optic enjoyment.

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