Issue #64

Issue #64


One of the many great aspects associated with kitesurfing is that it inspires us to travel. We travel for new experiences, to find better conditions, for adventure, for fun, to meet like minded people and to relax. This issue we bring you some of the world's most varied destinations, featuring the likes of Tarifa, Cape Hatteras, Brazil, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and more.

The KW editorial team are currently in Cape Hatteras as part of their 'Kiteworld Meccas Tour' running the mag from spots and areas that have had a pivotal effect on the development of the sport itself, and have also seen their own communities change and, hopefully, flourish as a result of the business of kiteboarding activity.

We are meeting the pros and the bros the likely characters and the unsung heroes that keep an eye on proceedings and keep the places ticking over. Look out for in-depth features on Tarifa, Cape Hatteras and Brazil coming up.

This July issue is typically our light wind gear review issue, and on top of some general gear reviews, we have had our hands on some of the latest product developments that designers are hoping will change the way we look at light wind riding in particularly the Slayer and Zero strut kite from Airush, plus lots more.

All that plus the usual insight from our columnists Shinn, Hadlow and Dr. Gallate, plus we welcome a new travel columnist who loves a trip and a scribble.

Issue #64 is out from early July!

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