Issue #61

Issue #61


Coming at you like the best post-Christmas present you could wish for, Kiteworld issue #61 will be winging its way towards you in January along with our free annual Travel Guide book.

Over a hundred pages of hot (and cold) kitesurfing destinations to warm your winter cockles, featuring such variety as Fiji to Tiree and Lake Garda to the Cocos Islands, there's something for everyone and that's just the Travel Guide.

Meanwhile, the mag's not letting itself go just because it's recovering after a big 60th celebration. We have a stunning gallery feature on South Africa from top European lens master, Jens Hogenkamp and we hear about some of the intense adventures of high profile adventurer Sebastian Copeland, who is a big fan of using kites as a tool for his crossings.

For those of you not quite getting to grips with the early art of strapless riding, we have a fantastic guide for your first few sessions, and lots more golden technique tidbits to get your head around.

On the travel side we pick out some good snowkite spots that it's also possible to get a kitesurf session in close by, as we know many of you don't want to commit all your holiday to the snow and we also take a look at what it takes to go from scratch to an up-to-the-minute bar system design.

All that plus all your favourites, including Mark Shinn, Aaron Hadlow and neuroscience columnist Jason Gallate as well as the best shots in the world at the moment from our weathered pack of dedicated photographers.

That's well over 200 pages. Get it while it's hot in January!
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