Issue #26

Issue #26


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We're overdosing on the three big 'T's this issue: Technique, Travel and Testing. You'll find all of them in abundance in Kiteworld issue 26.

From getting yourself unstuck in the snow during your first few snowkiting experiences through to nailing more complex manoeuvres, like the surface-pass and the back loop kite loop, we then also take you on into the surf. Issue 26 sees Kiteworld test editor and long-time wave warrior, Neal Gent, tackle the intricacies of linking together mesmerising bottom turn to top turn combos, analysing sequences of two of the best wave riders in the sport right now, both unhooked and strapless and hooked-in on a hybrid kite.

The Monster Buyer's Guide takes up a large chunk of the magazine's contents this issue, bringing you the findings from ten solid days testing in Tenerife. We rattle through 11 twin-tips, nine bow and hybrid kites and five super-charged C kites.

And as if that wasn't enough, The Kiteworld Guide to: Holidays that comes free with issue 26 takes you on a tour of some of the best kiteboarding destinations you could visit around the world this summer. As an 82-page supplement, this will be an indispensable source of information and inspiration for you throughout this year. Featuring over 20 places that are literally guaranteed to make you a better rider, information has been provided by locals that ride and live in the areas. You could surf the internet for hours, but we have all the information you need in one handy guide. If you can't find somewhere that fits exactly your riding, family, budgetary or nightlife-craving requirements, then we will eat our shorts.

Plus all the usual regular features, interviews, gossip and tut from the world of kiteboarding...


MONSTER BUYER'S GUIDE: We hopped on a flight to El Medano and crashed Mark Shinn's gaff and roped him into some testing for good measure

PACE, POWER AND PRECISION: Five super-charged C kites

KARMA CHAMELEON: Nine of the most versatile kites you can buy

FLEX AND RELEASE: Eleven twin-tips with a little something for everyone

TURN AND FACE: Neal Gent examines the intrcacies involved in fanging around your bottom to top turn combos

MOTOR DRIVE: The fine arts of the surface pass, backside 180s, flat 3s and the monstrous back loop kite loop are covered

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