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Issue #21


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For two weeks in March we dodged the thunderstorms and rain clouds to make the most of Tarifa’s unbeatable variety of conditions and test some of the kit that’s going to help you improve your riding this summer. From 12 to 35 knots, on waves and flat water, we rode light-wind freestyle and early intermediate boards, wave riding twin tips, all the bow kites you need to know about, as well as many high-performance C kites. We’ve got your ride covered this summerin the MONSTER SUMMER GEAR REVIEW.

Also, the IKO continue their series aiming to breed safe intermediate riders. This time they provide with all you need to know to become an independent rider, including; choosing your location, self-launching bow and C kites, and rights of way.

The Commitment Series explores three areas of kiteboarding, focussing on the characters and drive that have led to their development. There’s no escaping the big ‘C’ word in kiting, whether you’re dipping the kite for the first time or pulling into the wall of your life. From day one, commitment issues are everywhere. We delve into the intricacies of the kite-loop with Dimitri Maramenides, the world of the barrel, and we reach dizzy heights with the undisputed master of snowkiting, world champion and free-ride junkie, Guillaume Chastagnol.

Issue 21 is bursting from its binding with help to get you on the water as often as possible, wherever you are. We’ve more technique features than ever before and we’ve even reviewed some of the best waterproof MP3 player cases.

Again, photographers from these shores and beyond, have stocked us up with their best inspirational photography, and we’ve also crammed in the usual riding tips, reviews, news and lots, lots more…bring on the sea breeze!


THE COMMITTED AND PITTED: Tuck your balls away and discover how to scale a mountain, get hauled by massive kiteloops and get yourself in the pit of your life

BOW KITE REVIEWS: Six of the most hyped kites on the market

C KITE REVIEWS: Six top-of-the-range C kites and the Peter Lynn Venom 2

LIGHTWIND BOARD REVIEW: Six decks to get you up and running faster

WAVE TWIN TIP REVIEW: Four sizzling sticks to get you shredding harder

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