Issue #19

Issue #19


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SIZE MATTERS feb - Mar 06

After a couple of wave-heavy issues, issue 19 is garnished with a slightly different flavour. Size, stature and more than a little retro fashion is on the menu this time.

First up, snowkite mania took over the office for a while, and with the snow season now upon us in Europe and in the US we’ve got a couple of features to tickle your big mountain fantasies. Gus Hirst and a team of explorers ventured deep into the Pakistani Himalayas earlier this year. We have his jaw-dropping photos and incredible story from the roof of the world, as well as the all-important guide to the world’s top ten snowkite spots for this winter. Don’t wait until the Spring for your next hit…get in the powder room now.

As the Red Bull King of the Air came to an end in October, confirming the new-school nature of competitive riding for the next few years at least, we decided to go a little retro this issue and take a look back over kiteboarding’s journey so far. Snowboard guru Chris Moran gives us his take on proceedings after a 20 year involvement in board sports… and it turns out kiteboarding ain’t so different after-all. We haven’t found our way to spandex all-in-ones yet…but don’t worry, there’s still time!

Reputations and stature in kiteboarding don’t get much bigger than Franz Olry’s. The quiet innovator talks about the past, the present, the future and frogs legs.

Polishing off the big bender we’ve found ourselves on, Mark Shinn is our ‘one for the road’ as he takes over Motor Drive with some good old-fashioned world championship winning moves from days gone by. Loosen your straps chaps…it’s coming off again!
Plus, These Things I Know this issue is by Pete Cabrinha. He must know a thing or two, right? Must read life-lessons coming soon.


THE KARAKORAM CHRONICLES: Snowkite adventures of the biggest nature.

PERFECT TEN!: The world's best beginner, intermediate and advanced snowkite spots are closer than you think.

STOLEN MOMENTS AND MIRRORED MANOEUVRES: Chris Moran explains why kiteboarding isn't so different after all.

YOU COULD HAVE IT SO MUCH BETTER...: An interview with franz Olry.

MOTOR DRIVE SPECIAL: BRINCING BACK THE BOARD-OFF!: Mark Shinn leads the board-off renaissance.

THE PLAY OFF: Two brand new instructional DVDs go head-to-head.

SPLIT DECISION?: Michael Nester peets back the media hype surrounding the bow kite.

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